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Welcome to our Web Design category page, where you’ll find all the latest and greatest resources for creating stunning, user friendly websites . Whether you’re just getting started in web design or an experienced professional looking to brush up on the latest trends, you’ll find everything you need here. From in-depth tutorials on HTML and CSS to design inspiration and templates , our Web Design category has it all. So dive in and start building your dream website today !

Best Free Wordpress Themes

5 Best Free WordPress Themes 2024

If you looking for Best Free WordPress Themes for 2024 , Here we will list some most popular and best free WordPress themes that suitable for your website . These themes have almost all imortant features to create your website, You can Install these themes directly from wordpress dashboard for free and If you want

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Build a Perfect Website

How to Build a Perfect Website

Build a Perfect Website . Most modern businesses have an online presence in the form of a website that consists of single or multiple pages. If you have a website, and want to make it perfect, know that the task is difficult but not impossible. The Priciples of Perfect Website Is there a perfect website?

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Website Design Tips

Website Design Tips for Beginners

Website Design Tips , Would you like to design your own website? Are you looking to improve the look of your current site? The following post will examine some common mistakes that amateur web designers make, and how to avoid them. You will see examples of both good and bad design elements, along with tips

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Common Web Design Mistakes

Most Common Web Design Mistakes To Shatter Your Business

Learn most common web design mistakes made by small businesses and learn how to avoid them. From poor navigation to unclear calls to action, inadequate color and contrast, ineffective content structuring, and cluttered layouts, these pitfalls can negatively impact user experience. Elevate your web design strategy to enhance your online presence and engage visitors effectively.

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Exceptional Navigation

Eye Catching Websites With Exceptional Navigation For Insight

Good website navigation is essential for a user friendly experience. Primary navigation presents main menu categories, while secondary navigation offers subcategories. Smart placement, appropriate button size and color, and the use of icons and effects help attract attention. Minimizing clicks and ensuring easy access to information keeps visitors engaged and coming back for more.

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Header Hierarchy

Header Hierarchy

Headings and Header Hierarchy can be tricky business. In a continuation of our web design tutorials series, today we’ll look at the effective use of heading tag family. With a quick overhaul to your site’s heading hierarchy, you’ll see an increase of both usability and search engine rankings. Font Size Doesn’t Matter When I first

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Setting up a Blog

Setting up a Blog

Ready to launch your blog? Ensure its success by setting up the fundamental programs: a domain name, a powerful blog platform, and dependable web hosting. Discover the advantages of owning your domain, the benefits of WordPress.org, and why ServerLanka is the top choices. Kickstart your blogging journey with confidence and professionalism.

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