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SEO vs paid traffic

SEO vs paid traffic

Discover the advantages and disadvantages of free SEO and paid traffic for boosting website visitors. From reputation building and low cost potential to fast starting results and freedom from search engine policies, explore the pros and cons of each strategy. Make an informed decision on the best approach for your goals and budget.

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Keyword Research for articles

How To Do Keyword Research ?

Keyword research is a crucial step for website owners aiming to rank their sites successfully. By carefully selecting the right keywords, one can avoid wasting time and effort on highly competitive terms and increase the chances of attracting targeted traffic. Learn how to find general and long-tail keywords, evaluate competition, and leverage LSI keywords for improved rankings and online visibility.

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SEO Backlinks

Search Engine Optimization: Backlinks

Enhancing your website’s SEO requires understanding the importance of backlinks. Discover the distinction between high quality and low quality backlinks and why the former is crucial for better search engine rankings. Learn practical strategies such as writing related articles for reputable sites and participating in relevant forums to establish authoritative backlinks over time.

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Top 5 SEO Mistakes

Top 5 SEO Mistakes You HAVE to Avoid

Don’t let these top 5 SEO mistakes ruin your website’s potential. Competing for overly competitive keywords, neglecting optimization for search engines, overlooking the importance of backlinks, producing low quality content, and having an unappealing or non responsive website can significantly impact your traffic and rankings. Learn how to fix and avoid these common issues to ensure your website thrives in the competitive online landscape.

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What are Backlinks

What are Backlinks ?

Backlinks are crucial for SEO and improving search engine rankings. Understand the importance of backlinks in SEO and SERP. Learn tips for obtaining quality backlinks, such as blog commenting, internal linking, creating quality content, participating in forums, and article marketing. Avoid link farming and focus on building relevant and valuable backlinks for your blog.

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Updating On Page SEO

A Guide to Updating On Page SEO

Updating On Page SEO: The techniques for On-page SEO have changed a lot over the years. Google robots have become more intelligent now and very accurately reconginze, low quality content, poor onsite navigation or ad-heavy websites. The importance of social media as a ranking factor has also increased over time. These changes mean that you

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