Search Engine Optimization Tips

Search Engine Optimization Tips

What is Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization Tips : If you have a website or blog and it is not showing on first page of Google or other search engines even after you have written a number of posts. It might be time to have a look at search engine optimization of your website. SEO, in simple words, means tweaking your website structure and content in such a way that it achieves higher rankings on search engines.

Search engine optimization is not something which is bad or black hat. In fact Google itself asks the website owners to properly optimize their website for search engines. Because it makes the job of search engines easier. They can then easily determine where to rank the website.

Some Tips for Search Engine Optimization

There are two basic types of search engine optimisation. One is called on-page search engine optimization and the other is called off-page search engine optimization. On-page SEO means that you take care of the content, site structure etc on your website pages according to the SEO guidelines. Off-page SEO means that you build quality backlinks to your website which gives Google the indication of the importance of your website and its content.

Both on-page as well as off-page SEO is essential. However, it should be noted that you should not overoptimize your website because Google has recently gone hard on websites with low quality content but which are overly optimized. Overoptimization means that you build thousands of automated backlinks in a shorter time or you overly stuff your keyword in your webpage. It is generally safe to have a keyword density of between 3-4% in your web pages.

One of the key factors for search engine optimization these days is social signals.  Which means that how frequently your content is being shared on social networking websites. That tells Google about the popularity and quality of your website and helps significantly rank in search pages.

On Page SEO: Most Important On Page SEO Factors

You might have already known by now that there are two main SEO types. One is called Off page SEO  and the other is called on page SEO. Off page seo  means backlinks, social signals, directory submissions, article writing and lot of many other things. In simple terms, any SEO effort which is done not on your website or blog but at other sites is called of page SEO. 

Why On Page SEO is Important

On page SEO is of prime importance because ultimately content is the king . But you should also help search engines with understanding your content with on page SEO. Also check our article about Find a Profitable Niche.  In this article we are going to discuss the most important factors of on page seo. 

Most Important Factors of On Page SEO

Keyword density: The first important on page seo factor is keyword density. You should write your content in such a way that your targeted keywords is repeated enough times in the content. So that search engines know which keywords are related to your content. You should ideally try to write with a keyword density of between 2-4%. 

Keyword in the URL: The second most important factor of on page seo is to use the keyword in the URL of your page or post. Try to use the keyword in the URL. If you are using wordpress, you can do this easily by switching on custom permalinks and write the keyword in the Permalink box below the Title box of your post or page editor. 

Keyword in subheading ,heading ,title: The third most important factor in any on page seo is to use the keyword in subheading, Title tags and headings etc. Try to use the keyword in these areas intelligently for effective on page seo. 

Internal linking: The final important factor of on page seo is strong internal linking. You should link to  your own content in posts often at least once per post. This gives seo boost to your older articles. 

In the end, keep in mind that organic search engine optimization is not a one day job. You will have to invest your time in getting your site ranked through SEO. These search engine optimization tips will help you to improve search ranking of your sites . In case you do not have time to do it by yourself . You may outsource these tasks on Fiverr or other outsourcing websites.