4 Rules for Find a Profitable Niche For Your Online Business

How to Find a Profitable Niche

How to find a profitable niche? This is a question that almost everyone looking to start an online business always ask. In fact even those who have been in this internet marketing thing for quite some time and have been struggling to make any headway also ask this question.

How to Find a Profitable Niche ?

Here are the 4 rules of finding a niche for success.

1. What people are searching for

You need to be in a niche that people are searching about. Because it will be no fun in creating a website around a topic that nobody searches on Google or nobody is interested in knowing about. And how you do that exactly? Well you can automate this process by using a free tool from Google called Google Keyword Planner. It is free and all you need is sign up for an account at Google Adwords.

This tool will give you an idea about any keywords you type in that how many people are searching for that particular phrase in a month. Well there is no general rule but ideally when you are just starting out. You should not target a word that has less than 1000 words per month search volume.

2. Less competitive niche

This is the second basic principle of finding a profitable niche. Once you have selected your niche based on the number of visitors and confirmed that there are people searching for it. The next thing to ensure is that this niche has less competition.

One of the biggest mistakes that newbies can make is to go after niches with a lot of competition already. So even if there are people in  your niche. People have already established websites and it will be very difficult to outrank the authority sites already sitting there.

As a first rule of finding low competitive keywords or niches is to limit yourself to niches with a maximum search of 15000 per month initially. Bbecause higher the search volume, higher is the competition.

Another way of checking the competition is to type the keyword in Google search engine and see the number of results and the websites on the first page of Google.

If there are like under a million total pages and there are not any authority sites on the first page. And you see a few Facebook pages, or other social media pages ranking there. Then it is possible to rank your site on first page because this means that the niche still has less competition.

3. Go for obscure niche

Try to find those niches where there is traffic but still less competition. Going in health, and internet marketing niches is quite common. But these are some of the most competitive niches. So you focus should be on finding niches with less competition, about which nobody is talking much about.

These obscure niches are goldmines because these are less saturated and far easier to rank for in search engines. Do not be afraid to experiment. Take action and venture into these niches because at the words you will not succeed but the knowledge you will gain out of it will be gold for you in your next project.

4. There should be buyers

Another thing to ensure is that you need to be in a niche where there is a need and people are willing to spend money buying things in that niche. For example, if you create a website where you are targeting ‘how to give bath to your dog’, then the direct chances of any products about that are quite limited.

On the other hand, if you can target ‘buying comfortable dog collar’, then it is a buying niche. So, before blindly deciding on a niche. Make sure that which products you will sell in that niche and that these products exist like on ClickBank or Amazon etc which you can promote on your site as an affiliate.

How to make money from your niche should be clear to you before you start a niche business and not as an afterthought because by that time it will be too late.

There is no perfect niche

And the final principle in Find a Profitable Niche is that there is no single perfect niche. It depends on so many other things like your own aptitude and quality of research. The quality of your content and still one can not say with certainty that a particular niche is perfect.

But if you follow the above three principles, then you increases your chances of finding a profitable niche very much. And if by chance you happen to find a high traffic. Low competition niche with a topic you are passionate about, then you increase your chances of success manifold.