How to Get More Views to YouTube Videos

More Views to YouTube Videos

More Views to YouTube Videos : Everyone knows that YouTube is a goldmine for targeted traffic. And sometimes it can send server melting traffic to your website. However, bringing traffic to your YouTube videos is itself no less of a challenge. So there is this question that how you can get more YouTube views to your videos.

Optimize Videos – More Views to YouTube Videos

The first thing you should do is to optimize the video for appearing higher in the YouTube search itself. For that you need to give a keyword rich title to your video. And also add related terms in the description of your video.

Share YouTube video to Social Media

Once the basics are in order, next you should try to get some initial views to your YouTube video. Which will make your video to start appearing in the YouTube search results. You can get the initial traction by posting your YouTube video link to your social profiles.

Another good way of getting some high quality and big traffic is posting your video in the relevant section on the Reddit. Which is the world’s most popular bookmarking service.

Get traffic from Reddit

With proper posting on Reddit you can expect to get even thousands of views for the initial two or three days. This traffic eventually fades away but it will give your video the initial badly needed views. Because after that your video will start to appear higher in the related videos.

Which will keep adding more views to your YouTube video. However, do not look spammy in posting on Reddit because these people can be quite rough on spam.

Traffic from Blogs

If you already have a blog which gets some traffic, then it is a good idea to post your video on your blog too. It is even a good idea to edit the existing content on your blog and add video content which will surely increase the SEO value of the page.

Some people advise that you can buy some views from places like Fiverr, however, it is not a recommended advice because of the shady nature of these fake views in most of the cases.

You will not need to work hard for YouTube views if your video is genuine and original. And it addresses some problem for which people are looking a solution. In that case, your video will automatically be rising above the search algorithms of YouTube and it will be on the top very soon.

YouTube is using a factor called Watch Reach in ranking videos. Which means that they are taking in to account how far a video is watched. The longer you watch the video, higher are its chances of getting ranked higher.

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