Basic Introduction about Internet

What is Internet

INTERNET: internet is the global system of interconnected computer networks that uses the internet protocol suite(TCP/IP)for communication. internet supports human communicatiom via social media,electronic mail(e.maichatrooms,newsgroups and audio and vedio transmssion.internet has being very helpful to human all over the world and in so many ways which includes

EDUCATION, internet has made learning easier and with the help of internet there is better undestanding of education than it has been explained.

BUSINESS internet has made business transaction easier and also provided free online buying and selling, online booking and exchange of goods and services online.

COMMUNICATION through internet people can communicate freely both distanced relatives,families,friends,lovers and as well as business partners.internet has really made life easier;people spend most of their time on internet chatting and doing business. internet has also been useful to those that gave it a chance and those that chose to make use of it has really changed the life of so many especially our youth who has long lost and wasting away and those that are too lazy to go insearch for jobs. even our graduates that have graduated for long but are without job internet has helped them found their way.millions of people has benefited from internet in so many was e.g, connectivity, communication and sharing information,acquiring more knowledge and learning online and making money. it is also a good source for online education.

So many do not know the actual benefit of the internet and therefore making use of it negatively and abusing it and have made many people to be afraid of freely using of the amazing and useful internet because of the way they abuse it people now thinks that its corrupt and no longer safe especially for the youngstars.i suggest if there is any necessary action that should be taken in order to prevent internet abuse it should be done for the benefit of everybody.together with internet and the right people we shall make the world and INTERNET a better place to be.