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Backlinks for SEO : If you are looking to improve your webpage or website page rank on Google or other search engines (Yahoo, Bing). Then creating high quality backlinks should be a large part of your search engine optimization strategy. Creating back links is important whether you are writing for profit, selling products or services, or offering valuable information to your readers.

While some people try to artificially inflate their backlinks through rampant bookmarking, this is really the lowest form of getting backlinks. Just one high quality backlink will serve you much better than numerous random bookmarks. And will take you less time and give you much better results for search engine optimization.

What is a Backlink ?

One of the simplest ways to help establish your article, webpage or website is through high quality backlinks. But if you don’t understand what a backlink is, then this concept can be quite confusing.

In its essence a backlink is just a link; it is a link from another site to your site. It is no different than a link that you provide going from your site to another’s except for the direction the link is going in. A backlink connotes that the link is coming into your page or site.

How Does Having Backlinks Help Us ?

The easiest way to explain this is to take a look at how Google and other search engines rate websites. Search engines rate websites based on their content, their maturity, their traffic, their relevance, and many other factors that we will never know. Websites are rate based on which sites and how many sites link to them (backlinks).

So the goal of creating high quality backlinks is to get links from high quality sites, external to yours.

High Quality Backlinks Vs. Low Quality Backlinks

Most of us have all heard the recommendations to join every bookmarking, and every social network online. And to link our articles to as many of those sites as possible. This approach may have work at one time. But in my opinion, this information is way outdate, and engaging in this type of backlinking activity is consider as link spam. Or at the very least, it can result in getting ban from a site.

Bookmarking and linking indiscriminately is not a good way to build backlinks anymore, even if it ever was. The best way to build backlinks is to find ways for high quality websites to link to you. High quality websites are full of relevant, high quality content that makes sense when they link to you. Their readers will show interest in your site because it relates to their website.

Methods of Creating High Quality Backlinks

There are two ways of manually creating high quality backlinks:

  1. Write related articles on other sites and link them to your main page.
  2. Join related forums and put a link in your forum signature. This approach only works if you actively participate in the forum; otherwise, it is consider as forum spam.

The first method, writing related articles on other websites is the one you have the most control over. You can create short 300 word articles and have them ready for when you find an appropriate site for adding them. You can also offer your services on relate websites as a guest blogger. Most blogs are always looking for good writers, and will be happy to have some good quality material for their site.

The second method, joining related forums, has to be done carefull. So that you are considered part of the community and not a spammer.

The Best Backlink Come With Time

The better your article is, the better you become an authority on your topic. More high quality websites will link to your articles on their own. This is the absolute best type of high quality backlink.

This type of backlink will only come with time, and participation in the internet community, whether that is on related forums, or social networks. However, you must sincerely participate in this process, avoiding any fake engagement, and invest quality time to actively involve.

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