7 Web Analytics Tools to Track Visitors

Web Analytics Tools

Popular web analytics tools , Knowing how much your site performs is extremely essential for a blogger or a site owner, as it helps to understand its working and the trends to make it better. The only way to do this effectively is to add a standard statistics package to the background. But figuring out the best package can be tricky.

Web Analytics Tools – Free and paid

Until you earn revenue it’s better to starting off with something free. As your site grows, you may need few more features and can have a paid one. Here is a list that covers 8 free and paid statistics packages.


This is an open source web analytics reporting tool for analyzing data from web, streaming media, mail FTP servers etc… This tool helps you to find out whether hotlinking of files from your site. This is also a great detective tool to find out bandwidth thieves.

AWStats offers all the customary useful tools expected from a statistics package. Also AWstats intergrated with cPanel , If you using a cPanel based hosting plan ,you can easily analyze your website visitors using awstats .

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is the most popular and user friendly analytics package for individual site owners. This helps you have a comprehensive analysis of your statistics, to see breakdowns of individual regions, states/provinces, cities and many other items, needed for a better identification of your site visitors. The data is meticulously arranged on a well-executed user interface.

Google Analytics package integrates with AdWords and Google Search conssole . It has an ecommerce specific tool to track the sales. You can use thier Universal Analytics and Google Analytics 4 ( newer version ) .


Originally designed to check visits to Italian web sites, ShinyStat is now available to sites all over the world. ShinyStat offers user -friendly software packages individual users, like those who needs to track marketing and to monitor sales and ROI. You can also avail services for ISPs to install and include the hosting accounts.


With a plain interface, StatCounter skillfully handles multi-author blogs and helps you to assign a unique code to every author. You have to click on the individual links to see each analytic result on a separate page. Regardless of its unrefined looks, the site does offer a comprehensive statistics of keywords, traffic sources, and other useful information.

W3Counter Web Analytics

W3Counter has free as well as paid versions. Using this you can track up to 5,000 page views a day, across 10 websites and see all the statistics. Here you can also share your data with anyone, by means of widgets for your blog or using an API that lets you build new tools. If your site has a higher traffic you can go for the Pro account. This allows you to track up to 1 million views a month.


Webalizer is extremely fast and portable compared to other similar analytics packages, much preferred by those who host their own servers. Its also intergated with cPanel for Web Analytics . You can easily use it to analize your website visitors in your cpanel based hosting package .


Woopra is one of the most comprehensible and data rich website tracking and analysis application. Through the graphical representation you can know where readers are coming from, what keywords brought them and much more….

Another unique option is a chat window that helps you to chat with the visitors of your choice as they browse your site. WordPress users have the facility to install a plugin it helps them to view the data in the dashboard of their blog.