Why You Should Use WordPress As Your Blogging Platform

WordPress As Your Blogging Platform

Why You Should Use WordPress As Your Blogging Platform

WordPress is a popular blogging platform with variety of features and flexibility for blog writers . 40% or more of websites today are being powered by WordPress. But why? Well WordPress is a free opensource content management system (CMS). Where any user can completely download, install, use and modify – or play with for FREE and because it is really easy to use.

You can make a wonderful website or blog without the knowledge of coding. But with coding knowledge you are open to endless possibilities.

Here are some reasons why want to use WordPress for your blog

WordPress offers open source service. It has a wide user base and a large developer community. It is quite easy to use and supports a lot of plugins. You also get access to a lot of site templates, known as themes. Most of the templates are free while some of them require money. If you know how code then you can make your own themes and plugins. You can find free guides on this subject all over the internet.

Since WordPress has an open source server. You are given to choice to either use your own hosting server or you can sign up for WordPress.com hosted server. The WordPress hosted server is free but the free site offers you limited features.

  1. Ease of use : WordPress has user friendly interface that makes it easy for beginers to start blogging .
  2. Customization : WordPress has wide range of themes and plugins that allow you to customize the appearance and functionality of your blog.
  3. SEO friendly : WordPress is optimized for search engines, making it easier for your blog to rank high in search results.
  4. Responsive design : WordPress themes are designed as responsive. That mean they will automatically fit to look great on any device, including smartphones and tablets.
  5. Community support : WordPress has large and active community of users and developers who offer support and resources for bloggers.

WordPress is a strong and all-around blogging platform that’s well suit for wide range of bloggers.

Bad Things about WordPress

Although WordPress is a popular and strong blogging platform, it does have some possible downsides that you should look.

Even though WordPress is very customizable. You still need to have a bit of coding knowledge to get full control of the design. Even with the help of the tutorial, you will still have to learn basic coding to make your very own theme. While having access to a lot of plugins might be good but it gets a bit annoying to sort through them all just to find the right plugin.

Due to the popularity of WordPress it is often targeted by hackers and spammers. You would need to keep your website updated in order to keep your site safe but you would still have to deal with spam comments. This can be annoying at times and you would have to use a plugin to remove the spam comments.

  1. Security risks : As with any platform that’s connected to the internet. WordPress is vulnerable to security threats similar as hacking and malware. It’s important to regularrly update your WordPress installation and use security plugins to secure your blog.
  2. Cost : While WordPress itself is free to use. You may need to buy wordpress plugins and wordpress themes to use it. Depending on your requirements, these costs can be vary.
  3. Maintenance : Keeping your WordPress installation up to date and running easily may need some ongoing maintenance and troubleshooting. This can be time consuming, especialy if you aren’t a technically expert.

Its important to compare the pros and cons of WordPress and other blogging platforms to decide the best platform for your requirements.