How to Start a Blog for Free

How to Start a Blog for Free

If you feel like you need to have your own website and you want to learn how to start a blog for free, this article explains about building a your own blogging site using a free service. To put things into perspective, there are many possible ways to create a blog but if you have no experience and you do not want to invest initial, you can use free blog builders and free blog hosting services and start your own blog in no time. 

Can i Learn How to Start a Blog for Free

The direction of your decision will depend a lot on the kind of blog you have in mind. It might be a personal blog or it might be something you want to earn money from. But rest assured, you can start all kinds of blogs free without spending any money if you like it so. And the second thing you might know is that it is not difficult at all to learn .

There are many blogging options where you can start a blog totally free without ever touching a code of line or doing any design work related to graphics. However, if you know graphics and coding, it is a huge help in your effort to developing your sites . But you can start your favorite blog without any of this and succeed at it as well.

When we mean that it takes no time to learn how to start a 3rd party hosted blog site, we actually mean it. Modern web blogging platforms have made it really easy for novice and non technical users to start blogging. Gone are the days when you needed to code and learn programming to start your blog. All this work has already been done by these blogging platforms and you can simply build and manage your blog for free. 

Popular Blogging platforms

You can learn to blog on many blogging platforms. It is in fact not difficult at all to learn to start a blog. There are two very popular blogging platforms at the moment. One is and the other is Blogger. is an open source free blogging service which is used by millions of bloggers worldwide whereas Blogger is owned by Google but it is also free. You can learn how to start a blog for free on any of these two most popular blogging websites. 

In order to start a blog on any of these websites, all you have to do is to create an account there and start blogging. These sites also allow you to point your custom registered domain to your blog but that will cost you around $10 per year. Hosting on both the blogging sites is free. However, if you are absolutely new to blogging, i would recommend that you to start with a free subdomain with on either or Blogger and learn about thier blogging tools and features .

In order to create a blog for free on Blogger, visit Blogger website. For creating a free blog on visit WordPress website.