The Great Debate: The Role of Coding Skills in Modern Web Design

Coding Skills in Modern Web Design

For Modern Web Design , Some say they should know coding, where as some others say it is not a necessity. But will you hire a designer who is totally ignorant about the coding part?

That’s what we want to ask you all. Confused?  You can read on the points that veteran webmasters have put-forth and then decide for yourself.

An artist always utilizes his medium to the fullest; whether it be paper, cloth, wood, marble or even a web browser in case of web designers. A website designer who doesn’t have a basic idea of how web pages are coded for web browsers will certainly make grave mistakes, something like not taking into consideration the browser viewport dimension.

What if a designer provides 300-dpi Illustrator file which are totally unfeasible to repeat on-screen?

This does not mean that a designer should know how to develop a serious database-driven application. But he should know the basics of coding, along with HTML and CSS markup languages. Designers tend to have HTML & CSS codes more in their arsenal than developers. Understanding the basics of these marks up languages help designers create better web designs.

Coding Skills in Modern Web Design

Helps in a better communication with the web developers – Basic knowledge of coding will help web designers while discussing website related issues with developers. When designers try to use the language that web developers are familiar with, they will understand the problems easily.

Helps in increasing usability of websites – Getting a clear idea about the expected functionality of the website will help the designers a lot in developing professional and user friendly websites.

Good SEO – Everyone needs SEO compliant websites. You should create website design layouts in an SEO friendly way. SEO is very important for websites and it is very significant in deciding the success or failure of websites.

Basic idea of coding will open a realm of immense creative possibilities. The website design layouts that a designer creates will be executed in the very same way he wants them to be created.

If you completely split the duty of a designer and a coder, the coder may end up doing a little bit of changes in the design you submit, for the sake of easy and error free coding, which may degrade the design. 

This is not the fault of the coder, as his intention is just to create an error free page.  It is not practical to get the Photoshop mock-ups of every new section of websites.

Veterans often quote the above-mentioned basic points while discussing whether designers should learn how to code or not in Modern Web Design. Although there are more things to discuss, these arguments raised by experienced webmasters are importance.

So now it is up to you! What do think about this topic?

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