How Magazine Covers Can Enhance Your Creative Design Process

Magazine Covers to Enhance Creative Design

Magazine covers play a major role in grabbing the attention of the readers. A buyer’s first and immediate decision is purely based the cover of a magazine.   

A perfect colour combination, seen on the magazine covers, is never an accident. The art director painstakingly works on various colour combinations, and finally decides the most suitable image and font.  The colour changes seen on the recognizable logos like Rolling Stone, Vogue and New Scientist helps in making them more eye-catching so that it gets easily blended with the colour combinations of the magazine cover, grabbing the attention of the readers, conveying the message, ‘Buy me!’

According to expert designers magazine covers are superb sources of web designs. The colour schemes that grace the magazines can be effectively applied to create good web designs.

Use of effectual colour schemes can help in making websites attractive so that the users stick around, and read the content of the site completely, before closing the page.

Usually a web user forms an opinion in about 1/20th of a second, while opening a new webpage. Hence the right colour scheme is extremely important for a webpage. The other factors to be considered include layout and typography, but colour combination is the most important factor behind a good web design.

Here are a few examples to show the effective use of colour schemes in web designs.

magazine cover design 1

A mixture of greens is used with a dash of bright blue, on the headline.

magazine cover design green

Things are made simple here, with a perfect contrast of orange and black. A colour scheme that can be seen mostly seen on magazine covers.

magazine cover design 2
magazine cover design orange and black

If you are finding problem in choosing a good colour combination for your web design, take a break from your computer and pick-up a magazine.

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