Designing a Custom Website: 7 Points Every Designer Should Know

Designing a Custom Website

You should look about these important things when creating a Custom Website .

Tips to Design a Custom Website

1. Custom Logo:

People process an image in their mind easily than words.  when designing a Custom Website , logos are very important in online marketing. A professionally designed logo gives brand name recognition and enhances the visual appeal. “A Site logo will act as a visual representation or emblem that serves as a trademark or identification of a company.”

2. Custom Website -Custom Web Banners :

An aesthetically designed custom animated banner is an important part of a website. banners can create using following metholds HTML5 Banners , GIF Banners , Video Banners , CSS3 Animations or JavaScript Animations . Banners usually have the images & links or video embedded. The links displayed will  leadwill lead to the respective inner pages. site banners are often rectangular graphic images seen on the upper part of the homepage.  Make sure that you get stand out in the crowd web banner designs from experienced banner designers. This will help you to attract a greater number of clients.

3. Custom Page Contents:

Everyone likes crisp and fresh food. In the same way, your website should have clear, fresh and informative content. contents is the one of most tmportant part of a website .

4. Fast Loading Pages:

You might have the best web design, but only a very few visitors will see it if you have slow loading web pages.  Hence make sure that your website is fast loading. and also it will help your site to rank higher in search engines results ,because of search engines prefer sites that load faster on both pc and mobile .

5. Keyword Optimized & SEO Friendly:

The designers should keep all the SEO aspects in mind while designing the website. Your website serves no purpose if the search engines do not index it. You will able to get organic traffic from search engines for free of charge by optimizing your sites for SEO.

6. Personal Attention:

Users/ Viewers should feel that they are getting personalized attention. You can install add-ons like quick help, online chat facility and enquiry form to promise personal attention

The arrangement and organization of elements in the page should be done accurately so that they get noticed easily.

7. Custom module:

While designing the Custom Website, the designer should add modules like bookmarks, calendars, page ranking, shopping carts, contact page and sitemap.