What is WordPress?

What is WordPress

What is WordPress? It is one of the leading web logging platforms available in the World Wide Web.The platform is an open source blogging and publishing platform powered by PHP and MySQL. It’s also known as a free content management system (CMS) and is the most widely used among today’s bloggers.

Benefits of using WordPress

One of the main reasons why WordPress is very effective and popular nowadays among bloggers is that it’s very easy to use and manage. In addition, it allows bloggers to edit and rearrange templates without having to use custom CSS or HTML.

People who can manage using Facebook or e-mail can easily handle a WordPress account. It doesn’t require much knowledge about technological and other internal website stuff. And with a free account, a blogger can already do so much with the website without having the need to upgrade to a paid one.

A blogger does not need to hire a programming expert. Because there are a number of options available that cater to whatever is needed. And they are usually within reach with just one or two clicks.

WordPress Hosted Sites

WordPress also features free and paid accounts. It offers hundreds of free ‘themes’ for free accounts already. And users often find satisfaction in having just a free account. However, for users who need more flexibility and their own domain name (instead of ‘username’.wordpress.com), there are various packages and accounts that offers all under $100.

What is WordPress and what are its benefits for SEO? Another great feature of WordPress is that its supports tags within articles and various posts. This makes it easier to climb up the search engine rankings in order to gain more online foot traffic. This makes it ideal for various companies, businesses, personal profiles, and so on.

WordPress customization

Aside from its customizable themes. WordPress also has widgets that enable the website owner to have more freedom and more things to do within the website. Samples of these widgets are Twitter plug-in, which shows a live feed of the person’s Twitter account, an archives list, which can be according to month, date, or topic), Facebook plug-in, which connects the person’s Facebook account, and other useful extras.

These allow room for personalization and customization according to the website owner’s needs and wants. In addition, these features will help the website be a lot more unique than the rest. As compared to other blogging platforms which can only support a limited number of features and themes.

In addition, WordPress interface is web based. Which means it can be access from anywhere in the world as long as they have Internet connection. With today’s technology, users can even access the WP dashboard through smartphones and tablet PCs. Which proves to be helpful for people on the go.

What is WordPress and how is it advantageous for people? It is extremely advantageous for aspiring and professional bloggers. Because of its features and the fact that it’s very easy to use and easy to access. Thanks to WordPress, blogging is made so much easier and more fun. Even for people who are constantly on the go.