What is Shared Web Hosting

What Is Shared Web Hosting

Shared web hosting entails sharing a server with anywhere from dozens to hundreds of other websites. Hosting providers divide a server into numerous sections and then essentially lease each section to a different client. This lets them offer ultra-affordable rental rates as low as $1 per month. Which is a stark contrast from the $50+ per month rates you would pay to rent a dedicated server.

Shared web hosting can be further subdivided into two types – paid shared web hosting and free shared web hosting. Free hosting does not cost you anything to use. And it can be ideal for anyone with new ideas who does not want to spend money on web hosting. It offers you almost every hosting feature that any beginner webmaster would need for his website. But with a free hosting, you should not expect to have the perfect condition to host your sites

shared web hosting is the perfect choice for small business or for professional sites which do not need the whole space on the server. The main advantage of using shared hosting is that you get to host your site on a powerful and well administered server and that with low monthly cost.

If you are thinking of hosting your website for the first time. It’s a good idea to host your websites on a paid shared hosting plan. It will provide you reliable and hassle-free services, and it will also not require any technical expertise on your part.

Shared Web Hosting

Reduced Complexity

Signing up for dedicated hosting requires serious technical know-how, in that you are solely responsible for selecting an optimal technical configuration. You must choose the processor, the memory cards and the hard disk drive. With shared web hosting, the hosting provider sets up the server for you. Meaning you may spend your time on more important issues, i.e., web design & development, traffic generation, etc.

Managed Maintenance

Many shared hosting providers offer managed server maintenance at no additional cost. These services typically include automatic data backups, periodic equipment checks, routine operating system updates and 24/7 network security monitoring. Again, this saves you valuable time to direct toward more pertinent activities. Plus, any server malfunctions are automatically rectified by the provider’s trained experts.

Easy Customization

All shared hosting plans come with an easy-to-use graphical user interface known as a Control Panel like cPanel. This innovative graphical interface permits you to easily manage your email accounts, edit your web pages and install applications and widgets like forums and blogs without actually knowing a single thing about web programming. It is, in all truth, a must-have for all amateur web developers.

Affordable Prices

The number one benefit to shared hosting services is the ridiculous savings. Unless you know for certain that your website will bring in outrageous profits. You should ideally at the very least start with a shared hosting server. Keep mind that you may upgrade to a dedicated server in the future if necessary. In the meantime, you can establish Web clout without bankrupting your company’s coffers.

Problems in shared web hosting

There are a few problems with shared web hosting also. The main problem is low level of security. The second problem is limited facilities. All the websites use the same memory and CPU and hard drive. You are also compelled to use the same software as is provided by the hosting provider, and as such you cannot install the software of your choice.