What is Dedicated Web Server Hosting

dedicated server hosting

Dedicated Web Server Hosting: Conventional web hosting involves sharing server space with other customers. For instance, this website sits on a server alongside dozens of other websites that all share the resources and bandwidth of the server. With dedicated web hosting, you acquire full access to the entire server. Meaning that your site does not have to share the server’s valuable and limited resources with other sites.

Full Access

Dedicated web hosting provides numerous benefits over conventional hosting. For one, having a private, dedicated server entitles you to unobstructed access to all of the server’s specifications. This means you can specify the server’s operating system and software applications. Or, if you do not require this much flexibility, you can opt for managed dedicated hosting. Wherein the provider manages the technical concerns, but you still have the entire server to yourself.

Enhanced Security

Everything on a shared web host is shared, including the databases, the directories and the security algorithms. If someone else’s site becomes corrupted or is hacked, your site by default will likely be affected as well. Every configuration error, data leak and hacker attack puts your own data at risk. On a dedicated hosting server. However, this risk is greatly mitigated because you own and control all the data on the server.

Speed and Reliability

Even the most expensive, high-quality servers occasionally experience outages wherein bandwidth performance suddenly drops for a temporary period of time. Such outages occur much less frequently on dedicated web hosting servers. More importantly, these outages cause less harm on a dedicated host, as all the server’s resources are not at the mercy of other people’s websites.

High Prices

Unfortunately, dedicated servers cost quite a bit more money to rent. You can host your small site on a shared server for low cost ( $2 per month ), or VPS ( $5 per month ). But renting cost of dedicated server would have cost more than $50. I purposefully chose not to pursue a dedicated server because this site is fairly small and therefore does not require heavy resources to function.

Final Decision

Paying for a dedicated web hosting service only makes sense if you intend to construct a large, media-intensive site that will require a tremendous deal of  bandwidth to operate, e.g., an e-commerce store or a social network. If your intention is rather to just relay some information, blog about a topic or promote a single product like I am doing, then frankly, do not waste your money with a dedicated server.