What is cPanel?

What is cPanel

You’ll Need To Learn cPanel For Your Hosting

What is CPanel? That is a question that you probably would ask if you are new to web hosting management. Well, in a nutshell, the answer to What is CPanel in relation to your web hosting account is everything! CPanel is what you use to manage your web hosting account.

CPanel is the software management application which gives all of the management options or our website in one convenient place. For beginners getting started with their very first web hosting service, it make sthe whole newbie process very, very easy. Even using the guess and check method. Even someone that does not use cPanel will be right at home with it in no time.

Basic cPanel Features

cPanel makes managing all of your domains a walk in the park. You have the ability to set up sub domains. Which are typically limited by the web hosting account that you have. It is also the place you go to set up e-mail addresses for all of your domains.

Many web host providers also allow you the option of having all of the e-mail that each of these domains get be sent to another existing account. This can be a major convenience. By allowing you to do this, the cPanel keeps you from having to check the e-mails of each and every single individual domain. This is a major waste of time and it decreases productivity.

cPanel also gives you the option of setting your e-mail accounts up as a pop account. Which allows you to download the e-mail that you receive to an email program such as Microsoft’s Outlook Express. Or you can read it in an e-mail access program that cPanel has.

There are also functions on cPanel that you can use to manage your databases. cPanel allows you to delete, create, and modify databases whenever you want to. This entire process takes two steps. First you actually have to create the databases. Next you have to set a users to each database so that they can have access to it.

Auto Script Installer

Several scripts are usually included by a web hosting provider. And an auto installer that goes by the name of Softaculous. These include important applications such as phpbb, Drupal, WordPress, and Forums. All of these products are very popular and are written in the accessible language of php.

Softaculous walks you through setting up these programs without having to configure or upload all of the software. This saves you hours of time that you can spend doing important things in your business or personal life.

The file transfer protocol on your web host is also covered in cPanel. The access level that certain users have can be set using the cPanel. Some web hosting providers have an FTP program installed. But if they don’t there are many out there that you can get for free. One of the most famous and versatile FTP is Firezilla.

So in short, CPanal is a very useful tool for web hosting. So whenever you work with your web host again, think foldly on the tools that are helping you do the job.