Web Hosting Software: Which is the best

Web Hosting Software

Web hosting is a specialized task and majority of the modern web hosts use Linux and MySQL as the base web hosting software. In addition to these there are many other software installed. Others in the list are PHP, email software and a lot many more.

However, for a layman the webhosting software means the control panel with which he accesses his host account because it simplifies things for the end user and he is saved from using command line interfaces courtesy this softwares.

Top Web Hosting Software

There are many control panels in web hosting industry. Some of these are free and some are paid. However, the web server control panel industry is dominated by cPanel with Plesk being the distant second.

There are many other open source and free tools as well. The natural temptation is to go with free web server control panels like WebMin but careful thought should be given before choosing any free version. 

First of all if you plan on having a shared hosting account then there are more than 90 percent chances the hosting will come with cPanel as the control panel. It is easy to move hosts if you have cPanel as the control panel because the new webhost will commit to move your websites if your older web hosting control panel also cPanel. 

For WebHosts

If you plan on starting a web hosting business then you should be also aware of some very useful softwares which will make your life really easy. One of the most important one is , you should get is Web Host Manager ( WHM ). This comes with cPanel for web hosts and gives the admin easy access to creating, editing and deleting web hosting accounts. 

Another very useful web hosting for web hosts is WHMCS. This is the webhosting software of choice for billing and automatic account provisioning. 

Web Hosting Billing Software : Which one is the Best?

If you plan on starting a web hosting business, then you will surely need a hosting billing manager which automates the billing process. With a good hosting billing app in place, you can focus on the technical and sales side of your hosting business while the billing software takes care of the financial aspects.

Free Web Hosting Billing Software

What are the options when you are looking for a web hosting billing software? If you do not want to spend any cash on the billing solution initially, then you might choose a free billing software. Given below is our list of top 2 free hosting billing softwares.

However, you should keep in mind that a free billing software might not be the best one. It may not provide the kinds of features you might find in a paid web hosting billing software. The nature of web hosting business is such that the more tasks you automate, the easier it becomes to run a web hosting business.

You might find plenty of free prducts but very few provide the automated provisioning of web hosting accounts after payment. Most of the free web hosting billing software have limitation. some free sofwares can only process payments through PayPal ,This is not desirable because you want the maximum number of payment options to your clients.

Given below is the list of best free web hosting billing softwares

  • fossbilling
  • hopebilling

Paid Web Hosting Billing Software

This is the list of top free webhosting billing softwares . However, if you want to have a true automated billing solution, then the choice should be WHMCS. It offers complete automation of invoice creation, payment and automatic provisioning of hosting accounts.

It also offers many other value added options like fraud protection etc. This is by far the best web hosting billing software in the market and is used by thousands of webhosting companies. Many top hosting companies would provide it free with the server you will purchase from them. Another honorable mention is ClientExec which is also a paid solution and very good one.

List of best Paid web hosting billing softwares

  • ClientExec
  • Blesta
  • HostBill
  • WiseCP