Web Hosting Basics: What is it All About

Web Hosting Basics

If you are thinking of hosting your own website and you are at a loss about what web hosting basics are, then this little tutorial will tell you some of the most essential web hosting features. This tutorial assumes that you do not have any background knowledge and want to learn about hosting a your own site from scratch. 

Learning Web Hosting Basics – Key Things to learn

Web hosting is a vast and hugely technical field and you can not master all of the areas. It is, therefore, necessary that you prioritize which things you want to learn in a web hosting tutorial.

The first thing to remember in web hosting basics is that once you have made your website, it needs to be on a computer called web server for 24 hours a day so that other users can see it. This computer or web server is switched on all the time in big data centers. Companies that provide this kind of web services are called as web hosting companies. 

Web Hosting Basics cPanel

The second thing of web hosting basics is related to how do you access your web hosting. You will be delighted to know that hosting a website has become really easy and even after knowing few simple things you can successfully get your website up on web hosting. you need to learn of web hosting is that you should be able to use FTP software or File manager to upload your website.

The other important thing is that you should always get a web hosting which has cPanel or any other user friendly control panel. This is a front end for web hosting. You will recieve a cPanel login username and password from your hosting provider. From there you could control all aspects of your website from email account creation to databases and everything. 

It is recommended that you chose a web host that allows one click script installation of software like WordPress etc. This will allow you to install all major website content management systems and scripts easily .

Setting Nameservers

Web Hosting Basics Namesilo Nameservers

One of most important thing to learn in web hosting basics is that you will need to point your nameservers on your domain to the nameservers provided by your web host. In fact the first email you will receive from your web hosting company about your account provisioning will contain all these details.

how to set nameservers ? You will need to login to your domain administration panel and input there the nameservers that your host will give you. You will not be able to access your domain and hosting by domain name unless you have set the nameservers correctly.