Successful Web Hosting Business

Successful Web Hosting Business

Successful Web Hosting Business: According to a recent research conducted by reputable Forrester research website hosting service providers are in demand these days.  Overwhelming desire of people and enterprises of all sizes to go online has increased the demand of  web hosting services providers to all time high.

How to manage and maintain successful Web Hosting business

Even in the presence of slit throat competition web hosting services providers are still profitable business propositions. Although giants like Google are big players in the market . But still there is plenty of room for new web hosting services providers with modest resources too, provided they do the appropriate things and develop reputation. The best thing for new comers is to maintain their quality and keep their charges flexible.

Furthermore need to have servers and other related items adequate enough to support reasonable number of websites. Marketing and advertising to right population is also mandatory.

More automation less Staff:

Sounds like something straight from a capitalist heart but it is mandatory to have maximum automation to reduce human intervention. At a bare minimum following automations are must for a successful web hosting services providers business:

  1. Registration Forms
  2. Administration panel
  3. Administration panel for each website owner
  4. Billing mechanism
  5. Automated Technical Support

Registration Forms

It is good to have automated registration form by all web hosting services providers. So that customer can register themselves or existing ones can updated their information without troubling you. Generally these forms validate the information like domain information, phone number formats etc. Verify the payment option provided by customer is acceptable or not for instance CC is valid or not, and store customer information to be used in future.

Registration form should also register domain for customer if desired, and add a customer to database.

Administration System

Administration system is also necessary so that you have a good control overall to manage website accounts your way. You can have the options like adding or removing domains, change credentials etc.

Administration panel for each website owner

To avoid website owners calling you for petty issues like adding a new database or removing some content, or adding an email account etc .  Good web hosting services providers must provide each account holder with a panel of their own.

Billing mechanism

Automated billing mechanism through which system can generate invoices, automatically debits Credit cards and perform other operations like freezing account for nonpayment, and managing discount offers from billing is a life saver for web hosting services providers and handles a lot of work itself.

Automated Technical Support

Technical support does not imply those systems that can create tickets upon customer request. The idea is to have only those issues reported that are really troubling and worth spending your time.

An intelligent system displays FAQ based interface upon customer choosing the type of complaint to kill many requests before they arrive. Roughly every 5 technical support issues are because of lack of knowledge rather than being a genuine system issue and good web hosting services providers provide users with sufficient knowledge base to correct those issues themselves.

Also make sure that your own service provider provides good support of course on your behalf using your brand. So now you don’t have to worry about unnecessary issues and can utilize time to relax and think about attaining reputation in market .

Proper Marketing & advertisement:

You may have the best products in the world. But without a proper marketing strategy in place even good web hosting services providers may end up with nothing. On the other hand with proper marketing you can sale vegetable curry to cannibals.

Pay per Click

Good way to spread your message across the globe is to opt for Pay per Click. It does not require you to make any payments for registration into the program. However you will be required to make payments upon each click leading to your mentioned destination.

You may want to be in top searches but then you may have to opt for paying more per click. As the competition is very high among your fellow web hosting services providers in order to come on top. However don’t get over excited with the prospect of coming on top. As paying too high will also be not beneficial.

Remember that every click means a potential customer but not a guaranteed customer. Choose keywords to reach you wisely, otherwise you will end up on zillionth page of Google search.

Hosting Directory

Mostly web hosting services providers go to website hosting directory in quest for the host. So it is beneficial to advertise yourself there. These website provide several options like banner, spotlights etc, but generally banner ads are more fruitful. However don’t take the banners as you “Add new Customer” form, the purpose is more to have your brand recognized.

Use your existing clientele

If you already have some name in the market. Even in some other sector than hosting, then simply sending an email will give you reasonable response at least to start with.

Keep on innovating

Keep on coming up with newer and improved products, packages and services. Try to cover all the sectors in your business with customized plans for each segment. Maintaining quality is a must no matter what. Follow these guidelines about Successful Web Hosting Business and you will soon be in the list of best web hosting services providers.