How To Make a Website

How To Make a Website

So you want to know how to make a website. Here are some of the major steps… all which will be covered in detail on this page:

Buy a domain name (.com, .net, .org)

A domain name is basically the name of the URL you decide to choose. So come up with a variety of domain names and make your final choice. Your domain name could be bought from most hosting sites like Hostgator and GoDaddy. You can also combine the costs of a new domain name and a hosting plan. So that your domain name is cheaper. It usually costs $7 to $20 for a domain name depending on whether or not you get a package done.

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Get Web hosting

Hosting is basically where your site will be hosted for the duration that it will be online. GoDaddy and Hostgator are two very famous hosting companies and are very respected in the industry. Try getting a package where you can save money. As it does cost a lot of money to always pay monthly for your site.

Design building

Website building softwares are definitely worth the costs when you buy them. These building softwares could help you get your site looking nice in just a few hours of organizing and fixing up your site. Site builders are nice because they help you create your site without worrying about all the HTML and such.

Creating a website is not a tough thing to do, and once you get everything set up. All you need to do is maintain it with good content and beautiful designs. You can hire a graphic designer if you’d like for your site to have a bit of flair. Of course, your site won’t get seen by simply creating one and letting it go.

Should You Get A Free Website Or Your Own Website?

free or paid website

Pros and Cons

There are two ways to go about making a website… You can choose to get your own website with its own domain name and hosting account. Or you can choose to save money and opt for the many free website hosting platforms that are available online where you can build a website for free. There are pros and cons for each decision that you can make.

Free Website Pros

A free website can be great for someone who seriously wants an online presence. But are overwhelmed at the notion of what it actually takes to build one. Free websites can be great to get you started online, and they are extremely simple to do for those who are looking for quick and simple solutions. Best of all, there is no cost involved.

They usually come with free templates. Where you can just add the text that you want, add a picture or two and before you know it, you have a fully functional website.

Free Website Cons

As great as that sounds, there are some drawbacks to the whole scenario. The number one thing to realize is that you are hosting your website with someone else. Which means that it is really their website that you have created. The only thing that you have is a sub domain that they have given you. This in a nutshell means that they own your content.

The biggest problem with using a free website instead of having your own, is that you do not have the power to write as you please for any topic you want. They have certain regulations that you have to follow, and failure to follow those can see your website shut down or worse, deleted. This will take you backwards and you will have wasted your time creating something that will stop to add value to your business.

On the internet content is king, and to write content to enhance another website instead of your own is a huge mistake.

The other problem with using free websites is that even though the designs might be half decent. Some may not look as professional enough to make you want them associated with your brand and your business. A business website needs to look professional for your potential clients to be able to take you seriously. And if it does not, it might be difficult for you to convince them that your service or product is what they need to solve their problem.

Most of these free websites also come with certain ads and many restrictions, and you are limited to what you can do with them.

Your Own Website

When it comes to owning your own website, you can have a design that you want that reflects your company and the services or products that you are offering. You can put everything that you want to, with absolutely no restrictions. And the content that you have there is yours. You do not have to be worried about breaking some law that will put your website in danger of being deleted to the point where you lose all your content.

When it comes to getting your own website or using a free one, the pros and cons are very clear. It really is up to you. But if you are serious about having an online presence, you should have your own website and still use the free ones to enhance your presence online.