How to Make a Website Load Quicker

Website Load Quicker

Make Website Load Quicker: Visitors on the internet are very impatient when it comes to time a website takes to load. A study found out that in order to keep a visitor engaged on a website. It must load within three seconds or it risks user clicking away.

How to make a website load quicker is a challenge because the average page size of websites has increased over the years. On the other hand the expectation of speed with which a website loads is getting only higher. Now most websites strive to achieve a load time of 2 seconds. Which steps can you follow to make your website load quicker. Here are a few tips that can help decrease website load times.

Implement a Content Delivery Network (CDN)

A CDN stores and then serves static websites of a file (images, javascript and CSS) from a physical server that is closer to the visitor. Naturally, website loads quicker if the server is located closer to the visitors.

Consider Using New Image Formats.

Most of the modern webpage size consists of images, on average up to 61 percent. You may consider using smaller image sizes like JPeg XR or WebP for up to 50 percent reduction in image size without compromise on quality.

Make Website Load Quicker – Use Caching

By using caching, your website serves the cached pages on the server and in browser first if there is not change in the website contents. The website loads quicker because requests to webserver are very limited when serving an already cached page. Most caching plugins also make further improvements which are really important in how to make a website load quicker. For example, enabling HTTP keep-alive response headers and minifying JavaScript and CSS.

Use only Necessary Plugins

Plugins are ideal way to add newer and useful functions to your website but the website speed gets slower if it has too many plugins. Especially outdated plugins can severly adverse loading speed of a website. Evaluate your plugins and remove any unwanted plugins. Also update your plugins to latest stable release.

Use Fast Loading Themes

If a website WordPress theme is developed professionally, it will take care of factors that lead to websites loading quicker. For example, a fast loading WordPress theme will have GZIP compression compatibility and HTTP keep-alive response headers enabled. Similarly it will make use of expire headers to not lapse so that the next time a visitor visits a website it loads faster. Studiopress themes are known to have a very optimum website loading times.

Make Website Load Quicker – Use Faster Web Hosting

If you have taken all the above listed steps and still find that your website is not loading fast. You should review your web hosting service provider and the package you have bought. Use only the fastest loading web hosts. If you are on a shared hosting server, your website speed can be affected by hundreds of other websites on that server. You might consider buying a dedicated server or Virtual private server in case your web site traffic is more than what a shared hosting account can handle.

Now that you know how to make a website load quicker. It is time to put these tips to practice and get blazing fast speed for your website.