How to find a VPS scam?

How to Find VPS SCAM

I am going to teach you the basic steps of identifying a scam VPS provider which might be very valuable to you.

Since there are many low-end VPS providers exist today (check on, you might think the prices of VPS’s  can be very cheap. Maybe can given out for free of charge . But the whole truth is not that.

Dedicated providers have dropped down their prices as they are in a competition as well. So VPS providers seems to be using these offers as advantage to start their VPS hosting business and and they give away VPS’s for unrealistic prices. When they find they can’t hold the services any longer, they end up running away. I’ve heard many stories like that.

Identifying a scam VPS provider

Some providers are tricky. They sell OpenVZ VPS’s. So they can over-sell their servers. Not at a fair stage. But they over-sell as much as they can realize they have more than 1000% of profit through it. But the same story applies here. When people find out they are in a highly oversold nodes, they start complaining about the service and provider gets vanished. so most of the time , you lost your money and also your important data. So the best thing is to avoid these scam providers at the very beginning.

Let’s get an example. Let’s think there is a provider who is claiming they are selling 1GB RAM Xen VPS’s for 2$/month. Wow! The offer seems nice. Come on… Let’s take a visit to their website.

Website of Hosting Provider

Hm… Nice. Good looking website. Looks like it’s not a sc…. Hey, wait. There is a link on the bottom of the page.

Design by Free CSS Templates.

Ok… It’s a free template. That’s ok. Some services do that at the beginning before they put their own template. So let’s add an exception.

Home page is full of grammar mistakes. Let’s have a look at their billing page. Powered by WHMCS. But hey, there is no SSL certificate on the billing page. How can they risk their client’s data like this?

Valid WHMCS License

Forget it. Let’s verify the domain if it has a valid WHMCS license. WHMCS showing ,

This domain is not authorized to be using WHMCS.
Please report the url to the installation to us here

WTH ! It is not a licensed domain ! Thats unforgivable. How can we rely on a provider who don’t even pay for their own stuff? That is not gonna be okay.

Domain Whois records

I am feeling sick. But one more another step. Lets take a look at their domain WHOIS records. Let’s take a walk to Enter the domain. Click on search

Here comes the result. WTH are they doing?!?!

Registrant Contact Information:
Name: kijhbasdfbk
Organization: hbaksjbureth
Address 1: asdhgv asjdghads
Address 2: nojnasdj
City: jhabsdhjbajsdbh
Zip: 254524
Country: US
Phone: +00.00000000
Email: [email protected]

That’s more than enough exercise today. Just be sure not to sign up with them. Better if you warn others as well about these vps scams. That would be a big help to those who signup with providers as soon as they see those unrealistic offers.