How to Define Blog Categories

Define Blog Categories

Define Blog Categories: One of the problem every blogger encounter is defining the categories for their blog. In fact, category reflects what your blog contains and what it presents. That’s why you must consider which categories you should have.

What is category?

It is called category in wordpress and label in blogspot. Category is a class/group of post which share the similar characteristic.

The category must be able to indicate what is your blog post all about. By choosing a right category can make your blog more clearer.

How to define categories.

One way to define your blog categories is by defining your blog approach. Answering what is your blog focus on can give you a huge summary of what categories you should choose. Ask yourself some question like :

  • Who is your audience?
  • What do you like to write?
  • What is this blog purpose?

By doing so you can have a clear impression how your blog looks like and then you can start creating categories for your blog.

Defining categories for a new blog.

I’ll share with you some of the methods I take while defining categories for a new blog. I would try to write down all my blog details before defining categories. After that, you can break down your main category into several sub-categories.

Let’s say that your blog is going to focus on blogging tips. In this case, you should break down into several categories you’re going to write.

I would choose something like

  • Writing Tips
  • Networking Tips
  • Building Traffic
  • Blog Review
  • Product Review

You can know what you’ll write in the future by looking at these categories because you don’t want to write something be out of topic. Stick with these categories and evaluate carefully if you plan to add more categories.

Defining categories number

How many categories is the best number for a blog? Personally, I find that a blog which consists 6-9 categories is the best number. However, you can have more than that.

Having few categories is better because you can limit your reader’s choice in venturing your blog. By doing so, your readers will be able to understand your blog structure faster. Not only that, readers won’t be overwhelmed by the categories. Letting them have more space while reading your blog.

You can also find a lot of blog with categories more than 15, it happens a lot especially if your blog is hosted in blogspot. Because you would treat categories and label same. In fact, wordpress user often use tag and categories differently.

Having many categories will make your blog post become more specific to you but not to the user. As a reader, I often have a problem to navigate in a blog with a lot of categories, but still. If they define their blog categories well, I can still navigate their blog.

What makes categories important

Actually, many blogger don’t realize the importance of categories when they start a new blog. If you have determined what categories your blog will have, it will let your focus on the content you’re going to write.

I hope this article will help you to define your new blog categories because you won’t want your blog untended right?