3 Google AdSense alternatives for WordPress 2024

Google Adsense Alternatives

Do you looking for a Best Google Adsense Alternatives that generate decent revenue for your WordPress Site ? While Google adsense is the most popular advertising network and largest ad network , there are few more good advertising networks are available for WordPress sites . You can use these alternative ad network to monetize yor wordpress site alongside with google adsense or , If your site disqulified for adsense , If your account got suspended, banned or have any other issues with adsesne you can try these Google adsense alternatives .

1 . Media.net

Adsense vs Media.net

Media.net is an one of Most popular Contextual Adverstising Network with over 500 000 website publishers world wide and over 1300+ employees from usa ,europe and asia . Its combined with Yahoo! Bing Network. It was founded by Divyank Turakhia in 2010 and in 2016 it was aquired by company of Chinese consortium .

Features of Media.Net AdSense alternatives

  • They offer varius of ad types including Contextual Ads , Display Ads ,Native Ads , Video Ads . those ads optimized for both pc and mobile .
  • They Have massive advertiser base from world wide .

Payment informations of media.net

They made payments using net 30 payment cycle , and you can recieve payments via PayPal or Wire Transfer , there are minumum payout requiremnt of $100 .

what you require to start make money with media.net

If you have a good site with quality contents and reciving lot of traffics from USA ,CANADA ,UK media.net will be a good choise for you .

Normally they won’t accept site with low traffic , low quality contents and also sites with low quality traffics .

2 . Adsterra

Adsense vs Adsterra

Adsterra was founded in 2013 by team of webmasters and professional affiliate marketers . its a Leading CPA affiliate network and Global advertising company with over 33000+ partners and 12000+ advertisers , 30 billion impressions per month . they offer different kind of advertising options like CPA , CPC , CPM , CPI , CPL .

Features of Adsterra AdSense alternatives

  • They offer High converting ad formats including Popunder , Social bar , Direct Link ,inpage push ads , Banners ,Native banners and video ads . Optimized for both Desktop and mobile website traffic ,and also Social and mobile app traffic .
  • Provide 24/7 multilingual online chat support for both publishers and advertisers .
  • With Adsterra you have 3 Anti-Adblock options for use to increase your revenue .
  • Fraud detection systems to provide secured service .
  • With thier Referral Program you can earn 5% revenue of your refferels .
  • HIGH CPM rates with 100% fill rates.

Payments Informations of Adsterra

They made payment via PayPal , WebMoney , Paxum and Wire Transfer with bi-weekly payment schedule . Before withdraw your earnings you should complete Minimum payout limit of $100 .

what you require to start make money with Adsterra

You need a complete site with contents

One of good thing about adsterra is , you can apply for adsterra with a site with low trrafic . they don’t have specific traffic requirements . even you can apply with a non english sites .

3 . Revcontent

Adsense vs RevContent

Revcontent is another great native advertising and content marketing platform that operated by a team of advertising gurus from Florida . It was founded in 2013 . they claim that tey offer fast flexible Lighter widgets ads that use less page latency . they offer CPC, CPM type ads .

Features of RevContent AdSense alternatives

  • Fast flexible Lighter widgets ads ( similar to wordpress related posts section )
  • Real time statistics and reports
  • Support for any language
  • Ads types including Native Sponsered contents , Google amp for mobile , video ads
  • They claim that thier widgets perform about 60% faster than other ad networks
  • Fully Customizable widgets and Publishers have full control over ads .

Payments Informations of RevContent

They made payments on a net 30 basis and ACH transfer, Wire transfer, and PayPal payment methods available . Minimum payout limit is $50 and $1000 mimimum payout limit for international wire transfers .

what you require to start make money with RevContent

To apply to become a Revcontent publisher you need a good quality site with atleast 50,000 visitors per month .