Choosing a VPS Host

Choosing a vps host

Choosing a VPS Host may seem simple. Search it on google and see what comes up as ‘the best VPS host’ but it is not as simple as that. Before you read this article you may want to read: What is VPS Hosting.

3 main factors when Choosing a VPS Host

You should look about above things before purchase a VPS .

Up-time and Reliability

As so it may seem that there will be no problems and some hosts guarantee 100% uptime. And say they have never had downtime before. Believe me it does happen and no matter what virtualization they are running they are most probably going to have troubles.

The best way to combat the lies usually on there websites is to search up for a review on there services. I recommend searching it up or asking for one at Because other sites are likely to be false reviews. And if they are on webhostingtalk read the replies and then really learn how good/bad the host is.


It all depends on what you need. If you are going to run a minecraft server aswell as a webserver, You may need more that 1GB. But if you are going to run a setup like Kloxo . Then you would only need a VPS with 128MB of RAM and or 256MB But it all depends on the virtualization .

HDD does not usally matter . Bandwidth is a large factor on a VPS. Because if you are going to run a minecraft server they tend to eat up the bandwidth really quickly. And depending on the content on your website and how many hits you get will matter in selecting how much bandwidth you need . Also adding allowances for if the site gets a flood of hits to one post or something like that.

Choosing a VPS Host – Technical Support

Support must respond within 24 hours (any shorter would be better im just saying for the smaller hosts). They must always be friendly and at the same time professional. A hard balance to maintain there should be a couple ways to contact them (things like mobile,email and live chat).

I always find that email is usually the fastest. Because most admins have something like an iPhone or a device that allows them to check there email’s all day.

Overall : Your host is there to make money off you. So if they have really low prices and high resources they are usaually overselling or something like that.

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