Building a User Friendly Website: A Comprehensive Guide

building a user friendly website

Building a user friendly website is actually important for webmasters who want to attract more visitors and clients. User friendly layout of website can increase user experience and also its help to rank your site higher in search engines, and help to increase traffic and aslo, increase conversions. Then, we will looking about the main conditions of userfriendly website and talk over about important tips about creating your own website.

User Experience ( UX ) Design – user friendly website

UX design is the process of Making a website to make sure that its easy to use and navigate. a user friendly website should make with a clear site structure and layout, make it easy for users to find the informations they looking for.


Navigation structure is one of the most important element of a client friendly website. it should be simple and well optimized with clear labels and simple structure.

To insure that your website navigation is user friendly, check about following options

  • Keep the navigation menu simple and perfect.
  • Organize your pages / posts into related categories .
  • Use clear and detailed tags for your pages and posts.
  • Add a search bar to site, then users may able to find informations they want smoothly.

Site Headings

Headings are an important element of a user friendly website. it help users to quickly understand the main subjects of your website and make it easy find the informations they need.

To make effective headings, consider the following

  • Use clear and detailed headings that clearly mention about contents of your pages.
  • Use headings of different sizes( H tags) to indicate the significance of different sections of your website.
  • Use keywords in your headings, which will help to refine your website search engine rankings.

Site Contents

Make sure contents of your website easy to read and understand. Use simple language and avoid using difficult or technical terms that may be strange to your audience. Additionaly, your website should be mobile friendly and optimized for different screen sizes to insure that users can enter your content on any device.

Images / Media files

Images are really important thing of a user friendly website. it can help to break up text and make your website more visualy interesting.

To insure that your websites images are user friendly, consider the following

  • Use high quality images that are applicable to your content.
  • Use images to describe your text, not replace it.
  • Use images to make a visual structure on your website.
  • Optimize all images for faster page loading times .

Search Engine Optimization( SEO)

SEO is the process of optimizing your website to rank high in search engine results. A user friendly website that’s optimized for SEO can help to increase your website ’ s visibility and attract more potential clients.

To optimize your website for Search Engine Optimization, check about the following

  • Use keywords throughout your website to help search engines understand the content of your pages.
  • produce Original high quality contents that’s related to your target audience.
  • Use meta tags and meta descriptions to give aditional information about your pages to search engines.
  • Create backlinks to your website from other good qulity websites.
  • Optimize your website ‘s loading speed to refine user experience and search engine rankings.