Top 3 Blogging Mistakes You Must Avoid

Common Blogging Mistakes

Blogging Mistakes You should avoid: There are about 600 million or more blogs on the internet and it is a fact that only a fraction percentage of these blogs get good traffic which makes their owners rich. Rest of the blogs mostly get a few thousand visitors a month. What sets these top blogs apart from the majority who are toiling without any big break. After all they were told that blogging makes money.

So in this article we are going to discuss the top three blogging mistakes that the majority of the bloggers make which doesn’t let their blogs take off, even with all the hard work they put in. They still remain far away from the explosive blogging traffic and revenue growth that other successful bloggers have achieved.

Top 3 Blogging Mistakes

Not Promoting Your Blog

First of all you need to understand that your content publishing strategy needs to be right. It does not have to do anything with your blogging frequency. Most people will advise you to publish one article a day at least. However, I have personally seen that you may have thousands of articles on your blog this way and still you will be getting peanuts of traffic.

Actually when you have just started a blog, there is no audience for your content. Even if you keep posting content day in and day out, there will not be many readers. So all this time you spend on writing content takes away the time which you can use for promoting your existing content.

At the maximum, write one article a week. This should be a quality and authoritative content and then get to promoting this content for the rest of the week.

Blogging Mistakes – Poor Design of Blog

One common error made by numerous bloggers is failing to avoid this significant mistake. They are under the impression that design does not matter as long as they are writing quality content. They leave the design part for later.

Different studies have indicated that design plays a big role in how people like a website. The website with the better design gets people’s approval, when all other factors are equal. People tend to trust a website that has better design. And you can see from the most successful blogs that all of them have worked hard on their design.

So you should invest in your blog design right from the start. This will add trust to your blog and make it authoritative.

Poor Niche Selection

This is something which can pretty much kill any blogging ambitions you have, no matter how hard you will work. There are already millions of blogs out there and thousands of blogs in your selected niche. You need to stand out from the crowd and there is only one way of doing it.

You need to establish your expertise in some sub-niche of a niche because if you try to be another health or fitness blog, then thousands are already there.

Your niche should be very focused and your initial posts should be only related to that niche and all your efforts should be to establish yourself as an authority in that sub-topic of a niche your blog is about.

Only once you have established yourself, you can then try to branch out in the related topics. For example, in the internet marketing niche, you can select one sub topic for example, app conversion rate optimization. Establish your authority by writing high quality content only related to that topic.

Spend time promoting your blog. Once you have succeeding in establishing your identity for that topic, you can start writing about website optimization, or conversion rate optimization or other related topics.

So try to remain focused on your niche and spend time promoting your blog and you will definitely be away from the top blogging mistakes.