10 steps before applying for Google AdSense

Google AdSense Requirements

Many people had asked me how to get approved for Google AdSense easily. What are the minimum requirements need done to get approved? And, what are some common mistakes that many people make before applying for AdSense?

So today on this post I am going to discuss all about the common things that you should do before applying for AdSense.

Google AdSense Requirements

AdSense is the world largest Add network powered by google. To get approved for this Add service is not very easy in these days because google have made the approval system very strict. Some of your little mistake may kill your chance to get approved. So you need to follow a complete guidelines before applying for AdSense. Here are some common and important things that you need to check it out once again before you apply.

1. Top level domain:

Once there was time when anyone can get approved with sub domain like blogspot, wordpress.com. But those days gone away far, you need top level domain like .com, .net, .org etc. Some Asian countries have a restriction that requires a six month old domain for approval.

2. Professional Design:

Professional design of your website is another important thing before applying. If your blog don’t have professional outlook then it can kill your chance to get approved. So make your blogs design clean and professional.

3. Content:

Content is the king! You need to have quality and original content on your blog. Google AdSense is not for illegal, Pornographic, Drugs and anything other like this. So try to post quality and helpful content on your blog. And, remember that you are writing for your readers not for Search Engines! So follow the keyword density rules properly.

4. Contact Page:

Before applying, make sure that your blog has a contact page. If you don’t have yet contact page then create one and put contact address on the page where people can contact you. check our post about Contact From Plugins for WordPress based sites .

5. About Page:

Create “About” page before applying. On the “About” page you need to specify about yourself and your blog. Until your blog has a “About” page don’t apply for AdSense because you will not get approve without this page.

6. Privacy Policy Page:

Without privacy policy you will not get approve for AdSense. So before applying you need to generate a privacy policy for your blog. There are many sites available on the internet they will help you to create a privacy policy for your blog. To create privacy policy for your blog visit here, and it is free.

7. Age Verification:

You need to verify you are 18 plus years old to get approved. Google AdSense is not for under 18 people.

8. Post Count:

Although there is not any restriction about this, but it is better to have 40+ post before applying. There are many establish blog with many post as over 300 plus words, but not getting approve, where many people enjoying AdSense earning with 40-45 posts! So it is difficult to say the exact number of posts, but it is fine to apply for after 40-45 post count. And, article length must should be 300 plus words.

9. Paid traffic:

There is zero chance to getting approve site which have paid traffic. You need unique traffic through Search Engine or any other source where you are not paying for traffic.

10. Other Add Networks:

If you are using any other add networks now it is time to drop them off when you are applying for AdSense and until you are getting response from google. Although google allow to use other Add service along with them, but when you are applying you should drop them off.

These are the few simple things you need to do before applying for AdSnese. It will not take much time also it is not hard to do, so take a look once again on your blog when you are going to apply for AdSense.