What is VPS Hosting

VPS Hosting

VPS hosting ( Virtual Private Server) is a type of web hosting that use virtualization technology ( software use to pretend hardware functionality ) to give dedicated portion of a physical server to each user. With VPS hosting , you’ll recieve a virtual server that’s seperated from other servers on the physical machine. Giving you more control and resources than you get from shared hosting .

VPS hosting is a good choice for websites that have traffic that unable to handle with shared hosting. But aren’t yet ready for a dedicated server . It provides a balance of cost performance, and control, making it suitable for a wide range of websites

Virtual Private Server (VPS) web hosting is an in-between option for small- to medium-sized businesses that require comprehensive server configuration options at a more affordable rate than dedicated web hosting can provide. With VPS web hosting, you get your own private RAM and disk space. As well as the option to customize the operating system and control panel. The caveat, however, is that you must share a processor with other website owners.

VPS Hosting – Dedicated Resources

Dedicated RAM ensures faster data access rates, while dedicated storage guarantees improved data redundancy. The result is better security for your business and your clients. Something you are encouraged to promote. As customers appreciate knowing that their personal information will remain secure on your server. The drawback, of course, is that you must share a processor.

VPS Hosting – Customization Options

While sharing a processor can be frustrating. Keep in mind that VPS web hosting permits you the right to choose what type of processor you would like. Furthermore, you may select a custom control panel (C-panel, Plesk, etc.), a custom bandwidth provider and custom web applications. Furthermore, you gain full root access to your server, meaning you may make custom software installations.

Optional Management

VPS web hosting allows you to decide whether you want to manage your server or pay extra to have the hosting provider manage it for you. The benefit here is that you can allocate money that would have been spent on management toward better server equipment, i.e., a faster memory and more RAM. Likewise, if you lack technical expertise, you can just fork over a little extra cash for auto management.

Reduced Costs 

Dedicated hosting ranges from $50 to $300 . Whereas quality VPS hosting can be obtained for as little as $5 per month. That amounts to a tremendous savings in cash that can then be directed toward more pertinent issues. Such as developing an SEO site and building a marketing campaign. Plus, VPS servers are scalable, in that you can request better equipment when the need arises.

VPS Web Hosting

Some of the benefits of VPS hosting include

  • Enhanced performance – Because you have a dedicated portion of the servers resources. Your website will normally have better performance on a VPS than shared hosting account.
  • Increased control : With VPS hosting, you have further control over your server environment than you would with shared hosting. You can install custom software, configure the server to meet your specific requirements, and more.
  • More resources : With VPS hosting, you have a fixed allocation of resources ( similar as CPU, RAM, and storage) that are dedicated to your account . This can be useful if your website needs more resources than a shared hosting account can give.
  • Better security : because of each VPS is separated from the others. There’s less risk of your website being affected by the actions of other users on the same server.

Your VPS hosting requirements

When choosing a VPS hosting ( Virtual Private Server) provider. There are a few main things to look to make sure that you get a good quality VPS that meets your requirements

  1. Hardware specifications : Make sure that the VPS has sufficient hardware resources ( similar as CPU, RAM, and storage) to meet the requirements of your website.
  2. Network connectivity : Look for a VPS that has fast and reliable network connectivity to insure that your website loads fast for your visitors.
  3. Uptime : choose a VPS provider with a good track record for uptime. You want to be sure that your website will be available to your visitors most of the time, also this affect for SEO.
  4. Customer support : Look for a VPS provider that offers good client support in case you have any questions or issues.
  5. Pricing : Compare prices from different VPS providers to find the best deal. Be sure to consider the cost of additional resources ( similar as bandwidth and storage) as well
  6. Scalability : Check about , whether the VPS provider offers options for upgrade your resources as your website grows.
  7. Location : If you have a global audience, you may want to consider choosing a VPS provider with data centers in multiple locations to insure that your website is deliver fast to visitors around the world.

checking these things , you should able to find a good quality VPS that meets your requirements and budget.

Final Decision

Opt for a VPS web hosting plan if you are looking to start a successful e-commerce store on a limited budget. It will allow you access to powerful dedicated resources without emptying your wallet. And you may upgrade your site to a more powerful server or switch out to a dedicated server if by chance your site becomes highly successful and your budget grows accordingly.