Tips To Increase Leads From Your Website

Increase Leads From Your Website

What can every Web Designer keep in mind before designing a website to increase sales and generate more leads from the website? For making your thought process more sleek and smooth.

Increase Sales and Leads

Here are few very powerful tips which will be very beneficial in generating sales leads from your website. Lets us explore each one by one:

Attract the right visitors – Increase Leads

Targeting the right audience is the most important factor on which this entire strategy stands, though it is one of the toughest things to accomplish. You can implement this effectively with SEM, PPC, and SEO. For witnessing a high amount of targeted traffic onto your website. You must carry out direct advertising through Google Ad Words, or Facebook Advertising.

By having unique and informative content and a strong amount of proper links spotting to your site. You will be able to produce organic traffic and Increase Leads.

Create targeted pages

After selecting the correct targeted audience, next step is to create customized landing pages. The easiest way to do it is by making your visitor land to your initial services. And then subsequently breaking it into following sub categories.

By doing this you can properly direct your visitor from one step to the other. For this an effective Website Design for each page should be made relevant to the purpose it wants to depict to its audiences.

Turn the interest into desire

If a visitor is coming onto your website. This is certain that they are definitely interested in your product or service. Or else he wouldn’t have clicked on your website’s link. Other than providing from the basic information on your products and services. You must do something to make your visitor desire form it.

For doing this, a basic principle rule of AIDA can be implemented here. AIDA has 4 stages: Attention > Interest > Desire > Action. If you want your visitor to buy your products or services from your website. You have to take your readers through these 4 stages.

You can also incorporate videos, testimonials, product images, etc in your website to highlight the benefits and boost the visitor’s desire.

Use a strong call to action – Increase Leads

After convincing your visitor that they must buy your product, you will now have to influence your visitors to act. By implementing an effective call to action on various place of your website. You can increase the chances of them changing into a lead. For planning a strong call to action a web designer must always think of WHY instead of HOW.

Use innovative and interesting ways to influence the. You can even attract them by offering incentives. This way you can make them think that they will get an extra advantage buying from your website to that of your competitor’s.

Soft sells still counts

If you are trying really harder to influence the visitor. But there is no way that they are converted into leads, then you must adapt the soft-sell approach. Many times the user is put off by lengthy contact forms. And may change their mind to shop around a bit and ignore your form. For such visitors you must include a small participation way to get their contact information. So that you can contact with them in future.

For example taking of email id for getting updates about new offers or email newsletter. Adapting the soft-sell approach will guarantee that each visitor at least has the possibility to participate in a low-commitment form of contact. While still rising your lead-pool.

Make it easy for visitors to convert

Now when you have fixed a strong call to action. Now it’s the time to have the right forms of communication available to proceed. If you fail in providing it your potential customer might get irritated and impatient and can hit the most dangerous button for all internet marketers… the “Back” button. So for overcoming this problem. You must ensure that you offer several easily accessible paths for your user to follow in order to contact with you.

Instead of making it too “in-your-face”, you can have a contact form or a phone number on each page of your Web Design. This way you will make sure that your visitors will not face the problem of going through a treasure hunt, just to give you their information.

Use multivariate and A/B testing

Implementing all the tips mentioned above, you will now have to test it. This is important so that you know which is affecting your traffic and which one is not. Therefore it is important to use multivariate and a/b testing. Here you will have to create two or more varied pages and then split the traffic between them to analyze which when is liked more by the visitor’s. This way you can observe the drawbacks and take actions accordingly to improve upon it.

Analyze your data and adjust

After applying all the tips and even testing it for observing the changes. The next step is to gather all the analytics and statistics that you have gathered in the entire process. This might be Google Analytics, SEOmoz, or even stats from your AdWords account. These analytics are your secret weapon.

By analyzing these stats you can make the adjustments accordingly. Being alert to stats like bounce-rates, time-on-site, and exit-pages, you can realize the weak points of your website. If all this you cannot handle by your own you can hire companies that offer such services in landing page optimization.

No doubt that every website is different from each other. But by implementing these following tips you will definitely be able to amplify the conversion rate of your website and increase leads. Your website is your sales tool. So you must make the most out of it and even try your best to connect with your visitors.

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