How to Find Writers for your Website

How to Find Writers

How to Find Writers: As an Internet marketer, having a website is needed in order for people to learn about your products or services. However, it is extremely difficult to always write for your website and provide content. For some, they decide to get PLR content and use those articles over and over again. But this isn’t an effective way to get quality content for your site.

In order to have a site filled with fresh content and up to date news. You need to learn how to find writers for your website. Not to mention find writers who can write for you long term and for a very long time. This isn’t exactly an easy task. Especially when you aren’t so used to hiring a writer to provide content for you. With the tips below on finding a writer, you will definitely find people who will be dying to write for you.

Find Writers from Internet market forums

Internet marketing forums are great to find writers. What’s nice about forums is that you’ll see a variety of people offering article writing services on a variety of prices. For example, you will see writers charging only $2 for a 400 word article.

On the other hand, you will see writers charging $10 for a 500 word article. However, it’s pretty easy to understand why they charge so little. Especially when you consider the fact that they usually don’t have as much experience as the other writer.

Literally dozens to hundreds of forums are create to help people like you find writers. Some forums even let you post ads so that writers can email you. This is a very good strategy, especially because you’re the one who sets the prices and not the writers. Just remember to showcase in your ad that you’re willing to pay a decent amount so that many writers will come to you.

Use freelance companies

Freelance writing companies like Upwork , Fiverr have become very popular in the Internet marketing world. The nice thing about these sites is that you can post a job ad about the articles you want to written.

Then writers can bid on your job by posting their prices and showing you their quality of work. This is a nice way to get quality articles written, as you get to see the writers past articles written. You can grade their quality of work and decide who to choose from.

Take advantage of article writing services and websites

There are dozens of article writing services that offer articles written on a per article basis. For example, NeedAnArticle is probably one of the most well-known service available. You get to buy the articles on a per article basis. Aside from that, you should also try getting articles from other sites ,you can find them from googe or facebook.

All of which are highly recommended and are used by others to consistently get articles written. These services also offer services for backlinking purposes, so they’re very good at writing all types of articles.

How to find writers for your website that will stay long term

This is something that many people are always thinking about. And it’s the fact that many writers who they get from forums suddenly disappear and you want the writers to stay long term. This is also annoying when you find a writer who is very talented and then suddenly disappears when you submit your next project.

The perfect way to have writers to work for you and stay long term is by not being too strict. Some writers get headaches when they realize that their publishers have so many instructions. Instead, tell them to do basic SEO rather than forcing them to put the keyword in certain areas. Let the writer write and he or she will be willing to keep writing for you.

Give some instructions, but don’t make it look like you’ll ask for a refund in case they make a slight mistake. You should also be willing to pay high, as this is what writers are looking for. So, keep these aspects in mind when you’re talking to your writers. They will definitely stay with you long term.

We need quality content for our websites, so there’s no doubt why we want to have articles written. Be sure to utilize all the places above to get writers. Now that you know how to find writers for your website. Don’t let them go if they work with you personally and not through a company. Remember to not expect professional graduate like content. This way, you don’t annoy the writer you hired when you point out their mistakes.

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