GoDaddy Coupon Codes August 2023

GoDaddy Coupon Codes

An updated list of GoDaddy Coupon & Promo Codes for August 2023. — Try them out before the point-of-purchase to get an instant discount on your next domain name purchase, renewal or transfer.

Use this list to save instantly on various domain names and bundled purchases. Never buy domains without using one – it’s money put back into your pocket at little effort on your part!

Using GoDaddy Coupon Codes

godaddy promo code

Two screens before the final check out, find this “Order Summary” box and use the codes applied through a link below to populate the field that appears after clicking the “Have a promo code?” on GoDaddy. If the code didn’t lower your final cost, simply hit “back” and try another code.

godaddy active coupon

Note: GoDaddy coupon codes are known to expire and re-appear frequently as the year goes by. Be sure to experiment with different codes until you find one that works!

Note that if you’re a member of GoDaddy’s Discount Domain Club. Coupon codes of any kind will not work as your account is already given a flat discount rate for new domain registrations.

GoDaddy Promo Codes for .COM

GDD2dom ( Get a .com domain for only ‪$ 2.99 for the first year )

Save few bucks off of your .com purchase at GoDaddy with one of these updated promo codes! Defeat the newly raised domain name registration price and apply a promo that will lower the price a little. It’s quick and effortless.

It simply never loses its merit as the best domain extension ever: .com continually wins. No matter what kind of new extension is released. Read more about the .com extension, here!

About .com Domains

No matter what happens in the domain industry, one thing’s for sure… .com extensions reign above all else. There are many reasons why; most notably, .com is synonymous with “website” in the public’s eyes. And also, they portray professionalism. Just try to find a major, legitimate company out there who doesn’t own a .com as their corporate domain name. It’s nearly impossible.

Today, the highest demanded domains in the market — including the aftermarket — are .com’s. Regardless of nationality, and of any new extension that is released. This extension has proven itself worthy in the aftermarket for topping the chart for the most expensive premium domain names ever sold.

Why .com Matters Most

If you’re running any kind of reputable business whatsoever, you simply need the .com of your exact company name — period! It’s expected these days, regardless of the fact that most domains of this old extension have been long gone for years.

If your brand or company’s exact domain has already been taken and there’s no chance of getting it. There are various ways to work around it. Think of any additional word or abbreviation that might make sense. Several commonly used ones include the usage of the main keyword for the product or service you sell (to be used directly after your company name). or even company abbreviations like “LLC,” “LTD” or “ULTD.” There’s always hope for getting a decent .com, even these days. It just takes a little time and patience to find a good alternative.

Other GoDaddy Promo Codes

GDD1hos ($ 2.99/mo for the first year Hosting)
GDD1mwp ($ 2.99/mo for the first year Managed WordPress Hosting)
TODAY30off (Get 30% off new product purchases)

“Why Won’t This GoDaddy Coupon Code Work?”

There are several scenarios that explain why codes are not working for you – here are the top 3 reasons!

  • The coupon code is expired: Coupon codes don’t last forever. Some expire and return a few months later. Some are only seasonal. Others expire and never come back! This is why it’s mandatory to try different codes until you find one that works.
  • There’s a sale price already applied: If your GoDaddy final order already has a sale applied to it (if you buy a domain that has a red asterisk and says “SALE” next to it), then you will not be able to apply a coupon code to that particular domain.
  • You’re in the Discount Domain Club: If you’re paying an annual fee to be in GoDaddy’s “Discount Domain Club,” you’ll always have a permanent discount applied to anything you buy on GoDaddy. That also means you’ll never be able to use a coupon code.

About GoDaddy as a Domain Registrar

GoDaddy has been a registrar since the late 90s, and continues to be the world’s giant in this industry. Despite the ups and downs the company has had with public relations regarding its usage of skimpy models to shill its services. Its one-time support of SOPA (and change of heart after internet backlash) — the company continues to be the face of domain registration, creating monumental competition for other registrars due to their low price.

These days, it’s a good idea to stick with a solid company. If you’re utilizing services like domain registration, hosting or any recurring fee service. GoDaddy has outlasted most others.

buy a domain name without any other bells or whistles

GoDaddy is most definitely a reliable domain name host. Although it is infamous for attempting to sell a seemingly endless number of worthless additional services that it tries to tag on to any regular domain purchase. — be sure to simply register your domain without selecting these.

Be sure to register domain names with GoDaddy for a term of only one year, unless you have reason to register them for longer; otherwise, that domain will re-register for the additional term forever. For instance, if you opt to register a new domain for 2 years, it will continue to auto-renew for 2 years from then on, unless you manually re-set the renewal to one year and do a manual renewal.

For the long run, being a GoDaddy customer means that you’ll have the peace of mind knowing that this company won’t simply go under, even in the foreseeable future. Your domains are safe with this registrar, with no threat of mergers, acquisitions or any other business shift that other registrars have seen in the past decade.

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