Bluehost Hosting Reviews and Coupon Codes

Bluehost Hosting Reviews

Bluehost Hosting Reviews. Bluehost has been in the business for quite some time, and I’m sure you have heard about them. It also own by EIG. In fact, I had knew them for long and have been hosting websites on Bluehost. Of course, being well-known is different from being a good web host. The question to ask is Bluehost good? If you’re hosting your website for the very first time, should you go with Bluehost?

Well to get stratight to the point, here’s my takes on the question, based on my very own experience and personal preferences.

Unbiased Bluehost Hosting Reviews

What’s good about Bluehost?

As a long term customers with BlueHost (I have used BlueHost web hosting services for few years), I think the top reason you should stick with BlueHost is because of their determination to stay top in their game. They are perfect in almost every aspect in my opinion – from pricing to customer support to hosting plan features. I just have no complaint on them.

What’s bad about Bluehost:

Basically none from what I see – there’s nothing I can complain about Bluehost thru out the years with them. Some might worried about Bluehost being overselling due to its “unlimited” promotion but that did not bothers me so far. All my websites are doing just fine with Bluehost and I had never experience any unstable moment with their servers.

So, is Bluehost recommended?

Without doubt, YES! I had been recommending Bluehost to my friends and families for years. And I’m gonna do it the same at here to you. Regardless of whether you’re a first-time or experienced webmaster, we recommend Bluehost. Hosting a mom&pop or cooperation websites; running advance web application or just simple static HTML pages – their hosting plan just have the necessary features covered and it fits 90% of the web usages.

Bluehost Live Chat features

With the live chat features, you’ll be connected to the live chat system every time once you reached Bluehost homepage! In other words, you are connected with the personnel in Bluehost directly every time you visit their website.

Don’t even bother browsing around their website to look for the information coz you can simply type in to ask for the necessary information and get an answer from a REAL person.

Now how good is that? Get all the necessary information and solve every doubt.. No more unsure issues, no more unclear guidelines – all you need to do is ask.

This is what I call ‘responsive customer service’.

Refunds at Bluehost

All Bluehost hosting account can be fully refund in the first 30 days without questions. The setup fees and domain registration, however, is non refundable. Around an extra $10 will be charged on the free domain you get from Bluehost, while in case you’re buying the 3/6 months hosting plan.

BlueHost pricing details

At the time of writing, BlueHost charge $9.99/mo for 36 months subscription; $10.99/mo for 12 months subscription. Both 12/36 months package offer the same features – covering basically all the standard, ecommerce, and multimedia features

To be honest, it’s not cheap hosting with BlueHost. Compare to some other web hosting services  that offer their services with less than $5/mo, BlueHost’s $9.99/mo plan seems a little expensive.

However, the cheapest hosting do not mean it’s the best. Instead, you should not ignore the crucial points of web host server reliability, the quality of customer support, as well as the hosting features.

Consumers basically get to choose between a 12-month to 36-month plan, which price difference is $1 per month.

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