Annoying Website Design

Annoying Website Design

Annoying Website Design will surely capture your attention immediately but not the way you wish them to, in fact they will annoy your visitors to the core.

Poor website design can shatter your business in just one go. In the present era where the competition is towering every day. And in the rat race to rank high on the search engines. If you have an annoying web design, it will only drain your popularity and usefulness.

What is Annoying Website Design?

There are websites that are really irritating and annoying which actually makes you pull you hair. If you encounter any of such websites don’t think that you are the only one suffering to this trouble. There are a ample of users who are experiencing the same problem as your on the internet or maybe even worse. Every user is fed up with such annoying website design mistakes of web designers.

It is necessary to understand that ranking high on search engine pages is not the only aim rather maintaining quality and uniqueness is the prime objective that will ensure success and profitability. If your website is defectively done than you are not going to win your visitor’s appreciation in the highly competitive market.

Unquestionably there are a number of annoying web design elements which you must be very careful with – they can be killing for your business.

Is your Website Design Bad?

Bad web design

Being a web designer you must be visiting ample of websites everyday in search of some unique features. But haven’t you come across websites that you found really annoying and left it within few seconds before reading what information they had provided in it? Am sure there may be many cases of this sort, but did ever think how many people are doing just the same with your website?

There can be a lot many things that people find really irritating on your website which might end up as the last visit on to your website. Your visitors leaving your website with a bad impression can drain down all your efforts in just one go. And am sure you are not aiming for that.

If you are looking forward to make your website most popular than you must make sure that below 12 elements don’t make into your checklist:


Pop up ads

I am sure you won’t like if any disturbing page will prevent you from reading the actual content that you are looking for. Pop up windows maybe a part of your marketing strategy. But trust me no one is interested in having a look at it. They want to get rid of it as soon as possible. So having too many popup windows on a single page might annoy the visitor. And he may end up leaving your website, and am sure that is not what you want him to do.


Layering is like forcing your visitor to read something even when they don’t wish to. Therefore it’s best if you just let them decide when they want to go for it rather than shoving it down their throats.

Background music

Another important annoying element that you must devoid of into your website design is irritating background music. Visitors are often baffled with loud sounds instantly when they open on a website. Mainly when there is absolutely no need for it. You might categories it as music to your ears but basically it’s just noise for your visitors.

Large files and videos

No doubt broadband is becoming very popular these days. But still making your site too heavy to load is not the correct thing to do. Web designers use media files just to make their website look a lot flashier. People just detest that website where photos and videos take forever to load. This will make your visitor leave your website and go onto your competing site. And this will be the last thing that you would want your visitor to do.

Surveys and questions

We understand that people love to share their opinion on every hot topic. But asking too many questions at a time will turn out in annoying your potential visitors. Therefore limit questions and frame them smartly so that it interests your visitors and they wish to be a part of it or else they will be off in a flash.

Horizontal scrolling

Horizontal scrolling

If your web designer ends up in designing your website in a way that it includes a horizontal scrollbar, than unfortunately he does not know the first thing about a website design. Until and unless the website is made for a photos and videos it’s ok to match horizontal scrollbar with  a vertical scrollbar. But for a normal web design this combination can just turn out into a nuisance.

Fonts and colors that don’t make for easy reading and which hurt the eye

Combination of the font, color and background contrast is an important element. But sadly this is one thing that usually every web designer does not pay attention to. Make it easy for your readers to read the information that you are providing. Capitalizing the entire text or making it too small is not what your readers want. Play with font and background theme in a way that makes a pleasant browsing experience for your visitors.

And when talking of fonts, you must not forget to check for spellings and grammars.


Having too many animations on a single page are very irritating for your readers. They work only as a distraction and are of no use. They might tickle your funny bone but it definitely annoys your visitors as they serve no purpose for them.

Long stretches of text

People don’t like to read long paragraphs, they only have a glance at the entire content and make out the useful points. Therefore it is required to draft the content into an interesting way by using bullets, icons, breaking down the entire content into subsections and more. This way your reader might find it more interesting to read. And your visitor will stay long on to your page.

Poor navigation

Don’t let your visitor think for the directions inside your website. Make it effortless by providing clear directions and appropriate links so that it prevents annoyances. The best way to make your navigation strategy user friendly is by providing a site map on your website.

Pages that expire when you click the Back button

Ever come across in a payment process when you lost your connection by clicking the back button which resulted in terminating your session. This experience will surely let down you visitors. Therefore try to create a website which is Back-button friendly, particularly where security is of main concern.

Keyword stuffing

People come onto your website in search of some informative content but what they find is keywords stuffed aimlessly into the text just so the site gets pushed up to the top of the search engine results. These SEO techniques implemented to achieve your high ranking objective will surely not attain your visitor’s confidence.

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That is it!!! Here I have shared with you all the most annoying website design elements that I have ever come across and you must avoid them if you wish to see your website experience immense potential traffic. And if you come across few other annoying elements please feel free to share with us. We will be more than happy to know about other web development blunders. Thanks for your attention!

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