3 Ways To Make Your Website Go Viral

Make Your Website Go Viral

Make Your Website Go Viral: How would you like to wake up one morning. Fire up your Google Analytics or stats program and see that your Website has exploded with traffic? . Apart from being a more effective way to wake up than coffee, an explosion of traffic equals more potential profit, more email sign-ups, RSS feed subscriptions and greater interaction.

If you would like to get a tidal wave of traffic to your Website. Then learning specialized ways to make your Website go viral will help explode your traffic.

3 Strategies to Make Your Website Go Viral and Dominate the Internet

In this article I will be revealing three ways to make your Website become insanely popular as word spreads throughout the Internet, bringing you a ton of traffic. If learning how to become a viral traffic wizard excites you. Then keep on reading as you are about to have your eyes opened…

1 . Make Your Website Go Viral – Create Something Of Value

Getting something to go viral always comes back to the “value factor”. Are you creating something that is of value and is worth being talked about? If the answer is “no”, then it’s going to be difficult, if not impossible to make something viral.

It’s vitally important to create something that is spread worthy! Whether it’s a unique piece of software that solves a common problem, an innovative WordPress plugin, or an article that is amazingly resourceful. Whatever you create, make sure that it’s of the highest value so that it can have the possibility of becoming viral.

2 . Use Social News Websites

There exists a few highly trafficked and authoritative Websites, which get a ton of traffic. They have a large member base who submit, share and rate different Website URL’s that are added. If you or one of your visitors shares your Website’s URL on one of these social news sites. It can take off and become super popular within a few short hours sending a flood of traffic your way.

The best social news websites to submit to include the following:


3 . Use These Two Top Social Media Websites

Twitter and Facebook are two of the most popular Websites on the Internet today. And they don’t look like they will be slipping in popularity anytime soon. Facebook for now have over 2.9 billion monthly active users. This is mind boggling if you think about it! Wouldn’t you like to funnel some of these visitors to your Website?

The best way to tap into the traffic potential of these two “top dog” social media Websites is to do the following:

  • Set up a Facebook fan page and comment, like and interact with other people in your niche. Once you have built a following, it’s much easier for your Website to become viral.
  • Set up a Twitter account and become highly interactive. Send out regular tweets and make sure you also offer something of value once in a while.

The whole point of using these social media Websites is to build what marketing genius Seth Godin calls a “tribe” who will talk about and share whatever it is you are producing. But to do this successfully and hopefully create a viral campaign. You will need to give people value so that they will share what you have to offer. This is how all viral campaigns get started.

Now you have three effective ways to make your Website go viral. Don’t underestimate the power of these tips! Many people think viral campaigns start out of pure luck but this isn’t always the case. By following a strategy, You will be able to become a viral wizard and create a rush of traffic at will. So apply these tips and soon you will wake up, check your Website stats and your jaw will drop!

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