10 Reasons Why You Should Build Email List

Why You Should Build Email List

Build Email List: You must have heard almost every internet marketer talking about the importance of building email list again and again. Every thought of the reasons why they stress so much on having your own list. Here are the 10 reasons which will convince you about the importance of building email list:

Why You Should Build Email List

1. Conversion Rate:

Emails have higher conversion rates than any other media like blog posts, pay per click ads or social media posts.

2. Multiple sales:

With an email list, you can sell different products to the same prospect without all the hassle of having him visit your website again through Google search or pay per click advertising.

3. Website Traffic:

Even if you are not selling anything at the moment. You can still get the person visit your website again by sending an email campaign. And this will increase your website traffic and we all know that more website traffic means more money for you.

4. Personal Relationship:

Email is a lot more personal than a website, blog or advertisements. You can engage with your list at a personal level and build a relationship. One of the most responsive and rewarding email lists are based on personal trust and relationship.

5. Protection:

Having an email list future proofs you from all these changes that Google, Facebook and other big names of internet keep making to their algorithms. Sometimes these changes might affect you adversely even while you are doing your best. Treat all these traffic from Google and other similar channels as coming from a rented place. Long lasting businesses are based on having your own audience which means having your own email list.

6. Scalable:

Email marketing is very scaleable. You can scale your business as much as possible because modern email marketing services support hundreds of thousands of subscribers without any spam complaints etc.

8. Future Marketing:

Building an email list means that you will be able to market your newer products in future without all the huge marketing costs.

9. Reach:

Email has about 78 percent reach on average. Compare this with Facebook, which shows your post to only about 2 percent of your followers.

10. Larger Life Span:

Email lifespan is a lot more than other medium. For example, your posts and updates on social media are relevant only for a few days and are then lost in the continuous streams of more items in the users’ newsfeed. Email, however, remains there in the inBox as unread until the user takes some action about it.

The above 10 reasons why you should build your email list must have convinced you  about its importance. If you have not started building your email list so far, it is right time now to start building it because the one of the biggest regrets marketers have is that they built their list late and they should have started it earlier – right from the beginning.