Importance of Web Page Optimization

Web Page Optimization

Web Page Optimization. We all hope for having the most attractive website that leaves the visitor absolutely astonished and mesmerized. Basically having an eye catching website design involves a lot of efforts like graphic elements, animations etc. However all this causes the web page to download very slow on the browser. This article will explore some tips on how to reduce the downloading time of your web page in spite of compromising on the looks factor.

Why do we require website optimization?

  • Try to recognize the reasons for your website being slow by using in browser plugins such as YSlow and Page Speed.
  • Examine the consequences and try to discover out which type of components take considerable amount of time, while the webpage is loading.
  • Focus on delivering fast website. Do not use too much time on visual request of the website.

As we have noticed, the average rate of internet bandwidth per computer is increasing tremendously. A lot of web designers are coming up with complex websites overloaded with heavy graphic elements. As a result of which, websites takes longer to load their content on your browser. Obviously your visitor is not going to wait all day for your website to load. And will move on to one of your competitor’s website.

So why are the web designers still coming up with overstuffed websites that takes forever to load? This is due to the lack of knowledge of web designer of simple graphic optimization techniques. Which can easily maintain an attractive website with quick loading time.

Use CSS3 and Javascripts

Are you aware that you can easily achieve a rounded corners box by using CSS code? Rather than taking the help of any graphic elements? I am sure that not many of you are aware of this fact! Before all the CSS masters say that it cannot be done for every type of browser and a very high level programming is required for it. Let me tell you that there are simple solutions to most of the common mistakes made web designers regarding optimization.

Never restrict the web designer by introducing boundaries that might affect the final web design. You might state that a web designer cannot do much with graphic software compared to implementing the same with a code. I don’t agree with this. After the competition of the design. When it’s the time to slice it into undersized images to be used in the html code, your creativity is been tested.

It is important that every action you take does not affect the total page size. If you are taking in a critical shape that overlaps other. Then you must be very careful in slicing it so that the final outcome is in a small size.

Let’s look at what efficient slicing means:

Don’t make too big slices which consist of too many colors. Use minimum number of slices where the colors are also limited.

Don’t make a slice which is too big and consist of same graphic structures. The best way is to slice a small portion of it and then duplicate in into your code. This mistake is commonly made by many web developers when dealing with gradient color background.

Using JPEG file format every time is not convenient. You can go for GIF , webp format which is much smaller in size. Keep in mind that a slice with large number of colors is smaller in size using the JPEG format rather than the GIF format, and the opposite is also correct. Also separately check for each option. Reducing even 1KB every time from the image file size, will ultimately be a lot beneficial in reducing the entire page size.

If you have a text on a solid background color, you must not slice it. In fact use code to establish the background color. You can easily define the font style and background color of the area using CSS.

Web Page Optimization – Advanced Techniques

Graphically optimizing a web page is much more than optimizing it with image only. There are many advanced techniques these days that calls for a high level of programming. CSS3 is a higher version with great features than what CSS offers. Even though older versions of browsers have not accepted it yet. But you should be ready for when they should do.

JavaScript has some really good option to give your web page some effects instead of overloading the page with animations. Although using JavaScript with limited tools as compared to an advanced application of animations to come up with a desired output is not very easy. But a onetime effort can pay you for a long time. This way you can differentiate your website with your competitor’s website. Ultimately you will have an attractive professional looking website that takes no time to load.

Back to the Future – Web Page Optimization

As PDAs have come up with mini laptops and smart mobiles which can be used with wireless internet connections for browsing on the internet. Quick loading of web pages has enhanced the browsing experience and has made it user friendly or say bandwidth friendly to the wireless clients.

For those web designers who believe that web page optimization is not essential to do as everyone have high bandwidth connections but this is not true. Still, the software companies are coming up with applications that will gradually use more bandwidth as they know they can avail it easily. You must be on the safer side. And write well optimized web pages because this cat and dog fight will never end. Therefore it’s better to learn the game’s rule rather than it is to be bitten.


It’s not only necessary to have an eye catching website. But it is equally important to ensure that you optimize the web page efficiently. So that it does not take too much time in loading. Visitor’s like those websites that not only look good but even take minimum time to load. Therefore if you have a website of the same kind you will get good amount of potential traffic. Which directly relates to the success of your business. So think wise and learn from your mistakes!!!

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