10 Reason Why WordPress is the Best Blogging Platform

WordPress Best Blogging Platform

WordPress is the best blogging platform as well as a powerful CMS (content management system.) This is an open source solution which means that it is free to use and is supported by volunteer developers who are working on improving it all the time. WordPress is the most popular website platform today with very little competition.

Over 1.88 billion total websites in Internet as of 2022 . More than 810 million websites (43%) are built on WordPress and among these, there are lotof websites which are rated as the most visited websites and most popular ones on internet.

Anyone who is going to create a new website or thinking or redoing an already existing website will find WordPress an ideal choice which can be used.

WordPress Best Blogging Platform ?

Still not convinced that why WordPress is the best blogging platform to build a website? Given below are more reasons to help you make your decision.

1. WordPress Easy Installation

Most of the web servers already support installation of WordPress via one click installers which means your WordPress website will be ready in minutes without knowing even a single line of programming code.

2. Simplicity

There is no steep learning curve involved with WordPress. The developers of WordPress have created it for use with as much ease as possible. If you have basic working knowledge of editing a Microsoft Word document, you are already ready to build and edit pages in WordPress.

3. Multimedia Websites

A website that only has text and no images can become quickly boring. In order to engage visitors to your website, you need to have graphics, images, vidoes and relevant photos on pages. With WordPress adding all this multimedia content to your website is really easy.

4. Professional Themes

Theme represents the overall look and feel of your website. It is based on layout and navigation. WordPress themes are easy to install with just one click and there are thousands of Free WordPress themes as well as professionally designed premium themes. There is likely to be a theme to suit the purpose and mood of your website.

5. WordPress Best Blogging Platform – Plugins

WordPress comes packed with excellent functionality already supported by WordPress core. However, for your specific needs, the developers have additional solutions. Plugins, which are additional packages of programming code to further extend functions on your website, can be installed with one click without modifying any source code on the existing website. There are thousands of free WordPress plugins which you can use to extend advanced functions on WordPress website.

6. Excellent SEO

A website’s relevance is dependent on how easily the target audience can find it in search engines. People are more likely to visit your website, if it ranks higher on the search engine results when people do search related to your website. SEO or Search Engine Optimization depends a lot on coding a website in the way Google and other search engines could find it easily and rank it higher on SERPs. WordPress gives you the best possible SEO features out of the box. Its SEO features go a long way in making it the best blogging platform.

7. Easy Monetization

WordPress websites are easy to monetize whether you want to have an online store or want to monetize it with affiliate products or Adsense ads.

By using Widgets, it is easy to insert ads and there are many eCommerce plugins for WordPress, WooCommerce being the most popular one.

8. Regularly Updated

Work on further development of WordPress is a continuous process. It is a constantly evolving blogging and CMS system which keeps adding newer and better functions with every new update.

9. Best Support

The support community for WordPress is big and very helpful. There are a lot many third party independent support options along side the WordPress’s own dedicated support forums. There is a high probability that someone might have already answered your question on some support forum.

10. Inexpensive to start

WordPress itself is totally free because it is open source. Even if you buy a hosting package and a premium professional theme, it still costs very small amount to have a quality WordPress site created. It also helps that a large number of quality plugins to extend functions on your site are also free.

Why are not starting your website right now when you can get your hands at the wordpress best blogging platform completely free.