Why Does Web Hosting Cost Money

Web Hosting Cost

How much Web Hosting Cost to use : If you are experimenting with blogging and creating websites, then your first insticnt will be to get your hands on free web hosting services. However, it is not less than a challenge to find free web hosting services.

Free Web Hosting

When you search on Google for free web hosting services, you will not get less than a ton of results. However, when you will dig deeper you will know that these are more annoying than of being any use. It takes a lot of research to sift good free web hosting services from this clutter.

There are two types of free web hosting services available which do not cost a dime. One option is to host your site with services like Blogger, Tumblr, WordPress.com and other similar services. The other option is to look for one of the free web hosting companies. 

However, going with the above free web hosting options has certain caveats which you should consider before opting for free web hosting. If you can live with the cons of this, you can surely host without spending any money. 

Paid Web Hosting

However, if you decide to go for paid web hosting, then it is going to cost a few dollars a month but this option comes with many benefits and peace of mind. 

Now we answer the question that why web hosting should cost money? To put it simple, web hosting infrastructure requires investment and running a business has recurrent costs. Therefore, it is not possible for a business to offer services for free. There are many different types of costs that web hosting business has to bear which include:

  • Datacenter fees
  • Bandwidth charges
  • Hardware costs
  • Operational costs
  • Software charges
  • Support Team costs

And to top it all, a business is for profit and for that they have to sell services for some money. However, considering the decrease in hardware and bandwidth costs, the web hosting now costs a lot less than a few years ago. Now you can easily afford to buy shared hosting plan which has enough resources to allow your business to flourish online. 

I hope this satisfies your query of why does web hosting cost?