What is Reseller Web Hosting?

Reseller Hosting

Reseller web hosting is like sub-leasing rooms of an apartment or house. You lease server space from a professional hosting provider. Divide the space into separate sections and then sub-lease each section at a rate that permits you to make a profit. It is an optimal choice for entrepreneurs who want to get into the hosting business but cannot at this time afford to set up their own servers.

Reseller Web Hosting

Reseller web hosting is Budget Friendly

Reseller web hosting saves you from having to set up your own server or sign up for an expensive dedicated server. This translates to hundreds to thousands of dollars in savings over the course of a year.

The most you  might spend on a reseller server is $99.95 per month. Most of which you could easily recoup by establishing a large clientele. The minimum cost otherwise would be more around $299.95 per month.

Included Technical Support

As the full owner of a hosting platform, you must handle all customer and technical support concerns. With a reseller plan, clients still approach you when they encounter a problem.

But you maintain the right to simply forward the issue directly to the hosting provider. Plus, the provider performs periodic data backups and closely monitors the server for any malware, spyware or virus infections.

Control Panel

Each of your customers acquires his or her own control panel. Meaning the client can manually adjust his or her plan according to what you specify. If you allow upgrades, for instance, your clients will be able to upgrade their hosting plans automatically without having to go through you.

This provides your customers with advanced customization, and this typically bodes well for both hosting providers and hosting resellers.

Revenue Generation

Leasing server space provides a simple but effective method of generating a long-term revenue stream. Assuming you possess strong marketing skills,

You could even procure a full-time income from this endeavor, though it should be noted that you will, in effect, be competing with your own hosting provider. That said, your advertising and marketing skills must be beyond measure to succeed as a hosting reseller.

Final Decision

Serious web hosting entrepreneurs have three choices: set up their own server, rent a dedicated server or sign up for reseller web hosting. While the latter includes the least flexibility in regard to server equipment. It is the most cost-effective by which to enter the hosting industry.

Plus it takes away all technical concerns. Meaning you can focus your busy schedule on finding clients and making more money.