What is Green Web Hosting

Green Web Hosting

Green Web Hosting. Green Web HostingWhenever one hears of the word green. All that comes is mind is wonderful natural environment and efforts made in today’s world to preserve our natural beauty and health of the world. We constantly keep hearing about go green go safe type of slogans, save paper, save electricity and so on.

In fact many people only eat organic foods to support nature and avoid natural destruction. Well, this concept is applicable to each and every field wherein the technology enters. And is therefore applicable to web hosting services also.

What Means Green Hosting

Most of us may have idea of what hosting services are while some may be new to the concept. Basically, if you want to host any website whether personal or professional then you definitely need a hosting service provider. They would allocate a server through which your website operates. A disk space on the server whereby all your data is stored. And bandwidth which is referred to the speed with which your website is accessible.

This requires lot of electrical energy consumption rather without electricity this service is inaccessible. Hence, to make these services more Eco-friendly the concept of the green web hosting was launched.

Need for eco-friendly hosting services

  • Nowadays technology only believes in moving forward and going towards betterment of both nature and services. This resulted in developing and use of renewable sources of energy.
  • On an average a web hosting company consumes about huge amount of energy 24 hours a day. This estimation is only for the data center and the power servers. There is consumption of energy for many other requirements of these services.
  • Other list where energy consumption happens is security controls, enhanced security set ups and so on. Everything that needs automation needs supply of electrical energy.
  • There is no harm in use of technology and moving towards advancement. But there is an issue where we start to consume our natural resources abundantly causing their depletion.
  • This leads to the need for establishment of some kind of support or recovery medium for our natural sources. So that the boon in technology does not affect them.

Definition and source

Green hosting is nothing but a web host who provides hosting services which include power supply from the renewable sources of energy. Renewable sources of energy are those types of energies which can be reused. Various natural sources generate them. Most commonly known natural sources for generation of energy are hydro-electricity and wind mill, photo voltaic or other option is bio gas.

Well, though these companies need to produce a certificate to prove that they are using this type of energy source. If they themselves are not able to produce the renewable source of energy. This means those who do not have provision of producing the renewable source of energy. Then they are able receive energy from natural sources.

If a company has to provide web hosting plan which makes use of green energy they often emphasize on reduction and in fact the eradication of use of paper in the industry. They help to reduce the carbon emission. They support a healthy natural environment in every possible way. Yes the immediate question in many minds is about the cost of these services.

Well, as these provide a renewable and green source of energy they may be more costly than the normal ones. In spite of this fact, these services are very much popular and one of the top rated web hosting services. Anyone who cares for nature would hardly bother for the extra amount paid. The major aim is to have healthier and safe world to live. This is one of the best diversions that these types of companies are making as this would help a lot.

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