What is Cloud VPS and How to Get Started

What is Cloud VPS

What is Cloud VPS ? Decentralization of the computer power due to numerous web server topping them with innumerable websites sharing the servers is what lies behind the term cloud computing. Networking and computing in so longer a personal affair.

A large number of people who manage and operate a website owned by them deserve credit, as it is a part of cloud computing. Only remote computer nodes allow personal or single computing.

Multiple nodes host every website. Rather than from a single physical server to let the website run even if one node gets disabled. The multiple nodes allocate another hosting space to get the website running. Cloud technology is the most affluent, affordable and convenient mode of computing now.

It is more used a service now to host websites. Although cloud hosting is functional enough, it also has certain security concerns attached to it.

The Concept of cloud VPS

A special kind of web hosting is the Cloud VPS service. VPS refers to Virtual Private Server. Its good and bad features are:

  • Through VPS technology one gets to use a virtual server. The webmaster can operate that as per their requirements.
  • The webmaster can add or remove online applications as they wish.
  • The host does not allow uninstalling an operating system and installing another without permission.
  • Cloud VPS and VPS are different as cloud VPS uses multiple nodes located at multiple servers.
  • Management software helps the web host at data synchronization and management.
  • You can use cloud VPS hosting for several online projects. Such as online tools, community websites, intranets, social networking sites, etc.
  • You can perform streaming websites by media and blog hosting using VPS hosting.

Getting start with Cloud VPS hosting

  • First choose a plan among many other plans that is suitable for your website. VPS hosting forms a different segment with any website hosting company.
  • Analyze a plan depending upon certain parameters like CPU storage restriction, Hard disk space, RAM, bandwidth and billing amount and period.
  • Choosing the appropriate Operating system that is compatible to several applications and features is necessary before determining a web hosting plan.
  • Linux web hosting is the best for Cloud VPS hosting.
  • Only make your payment after finalizing the plan. One can also seek the advice of technical experts appointed with a web hosting company to decide upon plan.

Why VPS hosting is a smart choice?

It helps in choosing the exact resource that any virtual server can have and then manipulate according to needs. One needs to pay only depending upon the features included in the plan. And not extra as in a dedicated server. You can customize software and resources through the virtual server.

The server remains under the control of the website owner. He can experiment freely with the setting at the control panel and stabilize the optimal settings. Since same data is stored in several hard drives as a mirror. Data cannot be easily lost if one node gets disabled. The server becomes more reliable and the data is kept safer than in a dedicated server.

Using VPS cloud hosting makes the website faster. It does not increase the bandwidth that assigned for the plan. It increases the file transfer speed and enables web pages to open even faster. This makes the website more easily accessible to its visitors increasing its traffic.

Other web tools and services, such as iTunes, YouTube, and Google Docs, now use cloud hosting as well. VPS hosting makes cloud hosting all the more simpler, reliable, and affordable. This mode of web hosting is adding up innumerable websites to the World Wide Web daily.

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