What is a Blog?

What is a Blog

Before you can actually learn about blogging. You will need to understand on what a blog is all about and what kind of website a blog really is. If you don’t understand the key elements of why people create a blog. You will lose out on the potential of what a blog could do.

A blog is a website in which an individual will post regular entries of comments, events that he have went through, experiences or even review of a website and product. The individual posts entries in reverse chronological order, making it easy for readers to check for updates on any content.

Why do people widely use blogs?

I separate blogs into 2 categories – Personal blogs (or also known as online diary) and Corporate blogs.

Personal blogs are blog in which individual share their daily experiences on activities that happen for that day. These blogs are usually not interested in making money online with their blog. They use it to keep track of their daily life and share it with their friends and families.

On the other hand, corporate blogs are blog in which individual or organization set up to promote knowledge of certain niche, to sell products and at the same time build rapport with their database of customers.

There has been an increasing trend in the number of people who utilize blogs as a platform to communicate with people of similar interests as well as to arouse interest on those who know nothing of the particular topic. There must be some reasons behind this as to why people use blogs instead of a normal static webpage.

2-way communication

Readers can leave comments on every article that you have posted. And it encourages your readers to either add value or to ask questions related to the content. This will also spur on other readers who have answers to the questions to post their responses as well. As a result of this, the owner of the blog will interact more with his readers, Which will help to build up his creditability.

Frequent indexing of blog content on search engines

Due to the frequent updates in content, search engines spiders love to crawl to the blog more often. With more articles indexed, it will help in getting more traffic from search engines. Blogs also snatch most of the highly competitive keywords. If you don’t really understand the importance of this part. I will go through more in depth on this area when I talked more about Search Engine Optimization (SEOs).

Easy to update blog

I am personally not someone who is technically inclined in webpage. If I need to play with the HTML code everyday to add in new content, it will consume so much of my time. I believe most of you know nuts about HTML code and blogs are the best platform for us to use to update it regularly with ease. Therefore, many choose blogs instead of a static webpage.

Organized information

Content on a blog a listed in chronological order and it makes every post very organized. Readers are easy to search for information and know when the latest articles are published. This is very important since most of the internet users nowadays have very short attention span.

If they think that your website is not organized and finding information is very tedious. They will most probably go off and visit another website. However, blogs do this for you automatically which saves a lot of trouble.

You should now be able to understand more on what a blog is all about. You must understand these basics of a blog in order to progress further.

Add in your valuable comments too if you have additional information or question to share with the rest.

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