What are Backlinks ?

What are Backlinks

I will now move on to this lesson which will be focusing on the topic backlinks. also be covering on the importance of backlinks as well as the ways to obtain quality backlinks for your blog. In addition, I will be covering a small portion of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Results Page (SERP) since backlinks overlap a portion of these 2 topics.

What Is Search Engine Optimization?

This will only be a brief introduction to the term SEO so that you can understand on what I am trying to explain later. The indepth lesson on SEO will come in later on this coaching blog. SEO is the process of improving the volume and quality of traffic to a website from search engines via organic search results for targeted keywords.

Good SEO will get you tons of traffic to your site every single day without paying a single cent on advertising. However, building SEO is a long process and you should not expect this to be achieved within 3 months if you are vying in a high competitive keyword term.

What Is Search Engine Results Page?

SERP is a list of webpages shown on the search engine for a particular keyword search. Below each webpages shown on the results pages, a title and a short description matching the keywords are shown. The ultimate goal of every website is to appear on the top 3 rankings of its targeted keywords. This can be achieved through building on SEO.

What Is Backlink?

Backlinks are incoming links from another site to your blog. For example, I have a great article on Google and people from other blogs start linking to my article. That linking is known as “Backlinks”. This is an important term that you must know because you will see it almost everyday. If you want to advance further to become a pro- blogger. Alternatively, you can check Wikipedia definition of backlinks .

Importance Of Backlinks

Backlinks are extremely important for building a good SEO. Search engines like Google places high importance on backlinks and will position your blog on a high SERP if you have more quality backlinks. To simplify it,

More backlinks = Better SEO = Higher SERP

Because of this, bloggers often prioritize on building backlinks to get a huge volume of traffic from the various search engines. This is also the reason why certain website owners took the shortcut way which is to buy text links on other sites as a form of building backlinks. To prevent this from happening, Google actually penalizes websites that buy and sell text links. Thus, this is not a recommended way to build backlinks. I will show you tips of building quality backlinks on this article later.

Out of the 3 biggest search engines which are Google, Yahoo and Bing, Google places the most priority on backlinks. The best way to improve your SERP on Google is to build quality backlinks.

Quality backlinks basically means having incoming links from a blog which has a high Google PR and at the same time of related content. High PR sites are sites that Google places high importance on. Therefore, if you can get those high PR sites to link to you, it will definitely help a lot in building your SEO.

You can either do manual check on the number of backlinks you have build by typing this text (link:yoursite.com) on the search engines. Alternatively, you can also use backlinks checker tool to see the list of backlinks you have build.

Some tools even provide the Google PR of the site that you have backlinks from. I am currently compiling a list of SEO tools, plug ins and other recommended resources.

Tips To Obtain Quality Backlinks

1) Commenting on blogs

This is the easiest way to build quality backlinks and at the same time. It allows you to interact with other bloggers. Post constructive comments on blogs of your related niche. Do not comment for the sake of just building backlinks. Do it only if you think that your comments can actually contribute to the content of the topic. People will know if you are spamming on their comments and this will hurt your credibility as a blogger.

2) Internal linking

Link to your previous post if you want your readers to refer to it for related information. This is an intelligent way to build your own backlinks. At the same time, it let your blog gain more exposure and increases the number of page views per visitors.

3) Quality content

Write quality content and email other bloggers of your related niche on your article. However, you need to make sure that your content has never been covered before or else it will not get you results from emailing other bloggers. Your readers will also link to your article after reading it if it proves to be a quality and unique content.

4) Participating in forum

Participate actively in 1-2 forums and post short articles or constructive comments everyday. Place your blog link on the forum signature and that will become a form of quality backlink as well.

5) Article marketing

Try to post 1-2 articles weekly to articles directories and guest posts in other blogs to build backlinks as well. There will be a resource box at the end of the every article that you post and you can place your blog url in there.

You should understand on the term backlinks after reading this article. Do remember to avoid becoming a link-farm or linking to one as a form of building backlinks.

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