Web Designer : A Few Tips for Surviving Amid Recession

Web Designer Surviving Amid Recession

Are you a Web Designer and getting troubled by the pressure of the sinking economy? Then we can give you a few tips to survive amid recession. Through this you can easily increase your sales and get prospective clients.

Surviving Amid Recession as Web Designer

Offer Some Training – Has any of your clients asked you for assistance, to update their site. Don’t hesitate! Consider offering them a training service so as to make them know the methods to update their site themselves. 

You don’t have to sit in the client’s office for hours, to do this. Most modern softwares ( online web meeting services ) like Cisco WebEx, GoToMeeting ,Zoom , Microsoft Teams, Google Meet ,BlueJeans and Skype would make your task easier.

Get Good Writers – Do you have some good content writers?  If not it’s high time, get a few soon and add content writing services to your offering. It’s a huge advantage as the client can hand off drafted content. So that someone can edit and beautify before placing them in the site.

You can also write a book or e-book on your area of expertise, offering tips, dos and don’ts, and resources.

Try To Design Beyond The Web – Certain web designers consider logo, ad design and general graphic design as peripheral services or something which needs only a secondary attention. If this is your case too, then you need to try on these areas too.

You can also think about offering the clients a print design service that includes brochures, business cards, etc. Once successful, your firm would be able to provide a complete branding package for clients.

Pitch Maintenance– Do you revisit your clients’ websites to see if they’re in need of an update? If not, then it’s time to have a quick glance at the list so as to approaching clients to refresh their sites. What if the site is remaining untouched since it was made?

What if the client has new facet of business to feature? You can also convince the client with the aid of the innovative changes in your design.  All these need a thorough research and preparation.

Prospects In Social Media – As Web Designer ,There are immense prospects for you in the social circle. You can find out web designing prospects among people who want to modify their profile pages on various social media sites.

You can provide unique custom backgrounds and landing pages for Twitter users. Create attractive custom Instagram page as well as enhance SEO and graphics for Facebook fan pages.

Another highly demanding area is blog customization. Since many businesses want to create a unified look and feel across all of their online elements.

Become an Affiliate – Not much of profitable, but yet, you can make some steady income by becoming an affiliate or reseller for services your clients need; like domain name registration, hosting and shopping cart functionality.

MonetizeMonetize your website and/or blog. Well, not for everyone, but to those who can make it work in an attractive and planned way. As this can become a nice source of passive income. Have a thorough research on it before embarking.

Diversify– Try to look beyond the traditional services. For example you can provide fee-based mentorship or apprenticeship. If you have a have a critical eye for finding out the modifications that can be done on websites, you can do site analysis services.

Try to think about other areas you are passionate about. Surely you will come up with a few non-designs but design-related services you can offer to potential clients.

Partner Up – You can partner up with a potential web developer. A successful association will help you to find more success and will broaden your service area.

All that you need is to get some creative thought. And you may be surprised to see theboost your income as a web designer.  So get, set and go!