Top 5 SEO Mistakes You HAVE to Avoid

Top 5 SEO Mistakes

You need to avoid the top 5 seo mistakes. Competitors can easily outrank these mistakes, costing hours of hard work and resulting in no traffic at all. Unless you want your website to have no traffic at all.

SEO Can Make or Break Your Website

I suggest to check out these top 5 MOST dangerous search engine optimization mistakes!. They are common and they are deadly. Find out what they are and what you can do to fix them!

1 . Competing for Very Competitive Keywords

Competing for highly competitive keywords is like trying to fight a World Champion in boxing when you have no boxing skills. Using keywords that just have too many websites that want to rank for it is a bad idea.

For example: Competing for a keyword such as “Bodybuilding” is extremely hard. Just look at the amount of results and the websites that are ranking for them. The top website itself is called “” and has thousands of pages that are high authority.

It’s usually a bad idea to try to rank for broad keywords that people search very often. And this mistake usually happens when you do not do any keyword research and analyze the possible competition. Unless you target less competitive keywords, millions of results will bury your website.

2 . Not Optimizing Your Website for Search Engines

This is a critical mistake that will not only not get you any traffic but you won’t even show up in Google’s search results! This can be devastating because of the hard work and money you put into a website, only to have it not even indexed by search engines.

A common way to actually avoid this problem is by targeting good keywords in your URL, content, and images to make your website fully optimized for search engines. Remember, search engines cannot actually see your page, they instead crawl and look for general keywords that are relevant to your content.

If you don’t target any keywords, your website will never achieve a full ranking. This is bad news if you have built your website for an audience and not just your grandma.

3 . Not Utilizing Backlinks

If you haven’t made the first two mistakes, then this one will still keep your buried in the search engines. This is simply because Google wants to see that your website has authority. Your websites authority is usually ranked by how many websites are pointing back to your website.

This is known as a backlink and it is like having an upvote about your websites legitimacy. The last thing Google wants is for some bad website with no backlinks to it to rank. In order to get backlinks, you simply have to have other websites link back to your website. This can be as simple as putting your websites link on a forum or article directory. This gives you more authority with your website and Google can rank you higher because of this.

4 . Using Poor Quality Content

Content is kind, period. Google agrees that content is one of the top ranking factors. The reason is because it wants to rank websites that have the best content that is relevant to its users. It is the same principle as delivering the best products to your customers and this is exactly the reason why we use and love search engines.

So make sure whatever you are writing about has good quality content for your readers! By having good content, your website will get many re-shares on social networking websites and will eventually get you to the top of the search engine results for that keyword.

Always ensure to produce good content that is not duplicate. Also, do not to hire a cheap web designer to write your content on your blog. This will be a bad idea because you will get what you paid for. Using bad quality contents is the most critical mistake in top 5 seo mistakes .

5 . Having an Ugly and Unresponsive Website

Last one of top 5 seo mistakes , Having an ugly website deters visitors just like bad content. Think of going to a smelly restaurant with beat up furniture, it would not be too appealing. This is the exact same thing when it comes to websites. Having websites that are not good looking means that people will click away and go to your competitors instead.

Cheap website design that did not offer any SEO services usually causes this. Google will notice that your website is having trouble retaining visitors. It’s bad news for you and you will quickly fall off the search engine rankings.

Also, having a website that is unresponsive (non mobile friendly), is a bad idea. With over 75% traffic being done on mobile devices, you should also have your website optimized for mobile devices. This will ensure that not only your website looks good on the computer but on a smartphone as well.

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