10 Tips to Make Your Blog Posts More Readable

Blog Posts More Readable

Professional Blog Posts , When surfing the web for the information we want, our attention span is incredibly short. The reason for this is that we know if the site we’re on doesn’t instantly supply us with what we’re looking for, there are plenty of other sites a few clicks away that probably will.

Tips for professional Blog Posts

If you are a blogger, it is essential that you compose your posts and format you blog with this reality in mind. It will make your site more effective, by encouraging your readers to stay on it longer, clicking more links. And that’s what you want, isn’t it? Here are 10 tips that will give professional appearance and trackable results to your blog posts.

1. Start with a Short, Concise Overview of the Blog Posts:

Reduce the entire direction of your post down to one sentence if possible, that says, “if this is what you’re looking for you will definitely find it here,” and then display it in bold, eye-catching print that is slightly larger than the following text.

2. Embed Video to Capture Attention:

Video is compelling. YouTube, and its incredible stream of traffic on the web, has taught us that. Blog posts with video exude greater credibility, incite interest, and connect better with a generation that is much attuned to visual presentations.

Ask yourself if you’d rather watch a demonstration video on hanging a light fixture or work through detailed written instruction on how to do it. You get the point!

3. Write Using Short Bursts and Bold Headlines:

Short paragraphs with dynamic first sentences that clearly express your main points make scanning the blog post easy and enticing. If your readers quickly scan your post and like what they see, they will slow down and take a deeper look at your blog, and that’s the first action step you want them to take.

4. Use Images and Graphics to Illustrate Copy:

Comprehension happens much faster when a reader can scan an image or graph and get your point immediately rather than having to read a lengthy explanation. Online, a picture truly is worth a thousand words.

5. Use an Economy of Words:

Blogs should get right to the point of things and not include a lot of superfluous text. Readers find that a waste of time and will click away if they are not getting what they find quickly.

Save lengthy stories for late in the blog, once you’ve captured attention and moved your readers in the direction you desire them to go, or simply save them for telling over dinner with friends.

6. Use Quality Writing and Excellent Grammar:

Readers hit the back button at the first sign of “Engrish” or other spelling or grammatical malfeasance. In short, they simply don’t trust the source! With some many good spelling and grammar checkers available, this is an inexcusable faux pas for bloggers.

7. Use Slideshows to Keep Attention and Call for Action:

Slide shows are great for presenting your case and inviting your readers to take an action step that is to your benefit.

8. Leave White/Open Space on the Page:

If a potential reader lands on your blog page and the immediate impression is that it is densely populated with text – images don’t have quite the same negative effect – chances are they will click away. Few of us go online to read a textbook. We left those behind and have no desire to return to them!

9. Make Effective Use of Lists:

Bullet-point lists are easy to scan and present information quickly and pointedly.

10. Conclude with a Bang:

Just like some readers skip to the end of the book to see how it concludes, some of your readers will want just the “bottom line.” The last paragraph is a great place to deliver that.

Sum up what you want the reader to know and what you want them to do, and deliver it concisely, in slightly larger print. Use a juicy, bold first bite headline that will compel them to consume the whole paragraph.

These simple steps can separate top bloggers from the rest of the pack. They are easy to employ and will enhance the readability of your blog, which in turn will boost your credibility and will keep your readers coming back for more! More visits, more clicks on your advertisers and links, and more success for you. It is just this easy!

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