Tips to choose the best Domain Names

choose the best Domain Name

According to a latest research conducted by, about 628.5 million domain names have been registered so far, and about 244.58 million among them are .COM top level domains. This has made the process of selection of domain name highly challenging and time consuming. Domain name selection process is going to become increasingly complicated as more people are getting online day by day.

Tips to select domain names

You can lessen the problems that arise during this daunting process by considering the following points while selecting the domain name for your website. 

Domain names should be :

  • Unique & memorable
  • Highly SEO friendly
  • Easy to spell & say
  • Relevant to the website & brand
  • Should reflect the theme of the website that you are planning to develop.

Here are a few other tips to be kept in mind while selecting domain names.

Try the obvious:  You should try your best to search for the most advantageous domain for your website. This can be done by taking the best possible keywords related to the product or service that you are going to introduce through your website. This can be a right start point for you, as you can explore more and find out as much alternatives as you can.
You don’t have to hesitate: Are you in search of the most wanted domain?  If so, you can register the some of the possible domains and choose the best one among them. This will also help you to get the ownership a few really good domains which are suitable for your website.

A perfect domain name would be the last thing you want to lose. So don’t spend days thinking about it!

Buy Domain name

Be Creative:  What if you don’t get the ideal domain name? Don’t lose heart as you still have chances to get a good domain name. All that you need to do is to be a little creative and think outside the box.  Here are some alternatives that you can use:

  • You can try for a different top level domain like .net, .info or .biz
  • You can use a ‘transition’ word like ‘the’ or ‘a’ before the desired domain name.
  • You can also use a generic name, like company or service, before the desired domain.
  • Try an abbreviation
  • Use a short phrase or slogan.

Buy It:  Once you get the perfect domain name, find out the best and lucrative way to buy the domain.  You can also try to purchase domains from leading domain auction websites. Those who want to know about the purchase rights of domains can contact a domain registrant directly.

Use of tools: A lot of tools are available online now, to find out the most suitable domain for a website. There are many domain registration websites with vast databases containing the current domain names. This will help you to know whether a domain name has already been taken or not. You will get the basic information about these domains from the website.

These are just a few among the tips to choose a good domain name. also check our other articles related to domain names writen by experienced web developers and SEO experts to help our visitors to find out a catchy domain names for their websites.