Sites Where You Can Learn Basic HTML Skills

Learn Basic HTML Skills

Learn Basic HTML: Designing your own website is a lot of fun and very rewarding when you have a great looking site all set up and live for all to see. It’s even more rewarding when you get many visitors to it. But there are many skills involved in learning to design websites.

Thankfully, there are many sites where you can learn basic HTML skills. Some free others providing good online courses for not a great deal of money. There are even sites where you can build your own website without knowing any HTML at all. But it’s always best to at least know the basics.

There are plenty of ways in which you can learn HTML online. A quick google search brings up hundreds of sites offering help, advice and instruction on it.

Sites to Learn Learn Basic HTML


Sites like provide excellent and detailed walkthroughs on how to start constructing a site. They also provide a lot of background information along with other methods of website creation. They take you from the fundamentals and build up from there.


If you are more visual, then go to Youtube and search HTML tuition or lessons. There is a wealth of instructional video on there that can make you an HTML expert in no time.


One of the best sites for learning more HTML is This site is extremely useful in that not only does it explain what a piece of code does and is for. But it provides great examples. And then it enables and encourages you to try it yourself on their website by being able to change various bits of code and allows you to see the results instantly. It’s an extremely good site and you can pick up a lot of tips and knowledge just by experimenting.

International Webmasters Association

If you want to go on a course, the International Webmasters Association ( is an excellent resource. They provide industry standard courses on everything related to web design for not a lot of money. Furthermore, if you become a member, you get large discounts on these courses. If you want to learn HTML well and not go back to college. This is an excellent way of doing it.

Create Site with WordPress

If you’re still unsure about jumping into HTML but want to create a website. Then is a fantastic way to go. Once you have decided on a domain name and have hosting space. Then you can install the wordpress software on your hostspace and have a professional looking website up and running within hours.

Final Summary

There are plenty of options and sites dedicated in instructing HTML that once read and studied, pretty much everyone can open up notepad and start coding away. It’s an amazing feeling being able to code in such a simple feeling and then open up your browser to the index.html file you have created and then seeing it live for the first time.

If you are dedicated enough, then you can learn HTML by any of the free methods described above. Perhaps accompanied by a text book (or not depending on how you learn). And of course for those of us who prefer a more structured approach then an online course may be a better bet.

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